Weekend List - Star Wars!

17 Dec 2015 by Teenage

This week is officially Star Wars week for all of us here at Teenage HQ. The fever is on and we will do anything and everything Star Wars related! #SimiSaiAlsoStarWars


WATCH: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens is set approximately 30 years after the events of Return of the Jedi, where the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire have become the Resistance and the First Order, respectively, and follows new leads alongside characters returning from previous Star Wars films. Do I even need to emphasise how much you need to watch this movie? It’s the movie of the year. Nuff said. 

EAT: Dazzling Cafe x Sweet Tweety

Dazzling-Sweety-Tweety-Campaign Dazzling-Cafe-Tweety-Lava-Toast

For 2 months only, the entire cafe will be decked in Tweety-themed decorations and a special Tweety-edition menu will be featured! Expect all-things Tweety with the Dazzling’s Lava Toast ($14.90), Profiteroles ($8.90), Mac and Cheese ($22.90), Biscotti ($10.90), Iced Teas ($7) and Au Laits ($7) incorporated with Tweety designs. There will be Dazzling Cafe x Sweety Tweety collectibles available for sale too!

Dazzling Cafe is located at Capitol Piazza, 15 Stamford Road #01-85, Singapore 178906

VISIT: Singapore Really Really Free Market 39


The Really Really Free Market is a temporary market based on the concept of giving and building a community based on sharing resources, caring for one another and improving the collective lives of all. Yes, your eyes aren’t fooling you, EVERYTHING is free! By sharing, we are reducing consumption and waste of our natural resources, re-using what we don’t need anymore by passing it on, and most importantly, showing everyone that there are more sustainable and loving ways to live. So head on down to the market and donate what you can for a better cause!

Singapore Really Really Free Market 39 will be held at Hong Lim Park


DIY: Christmas gifts 

Sugar ScrubImage Credit: Brit+C0

I have a love-hate relationship with Christmas because although I love buying presents for my loved ones, these gifts cost money which I’ve already spent on shopping… Oops. And so like every other year, I’ve been trawling Pinterest for gifts that I can DIY. Here are a few I found, like these DIY coasters (which I gifted last year) or body scrubs, or even hand-painted mugs etc., that are totally easy and practically cost-free. It’ll be awesome if you could give me some ideas on what to do as well because I honestly can’t decide as of this current moment. Tweet us @TeenageMagazine or comment below with your suggestions (or if you want to just rant about how Christmas is making you broke as well)! Thanks in advance (: 

SHOP: Sally’s Rooms Candles


A photo posted by Sally’s Room (@sallysroom) on

For those who aren’t as keen on DIY-ing your gifts, and are stuck with doing gift exchanges with your relatives (as I am), candles are a pretty safe choice. I’ve tried out Sally’s Rooms’ candles, and my favourite out of all their different scented candles has got to be the Sake one.  These Instagram-worthy candles are handmade out of soy wax, so that means you can burn these babies guilt-free, seeing as they’re eco-friendly, completely free of pesticides and will burn longer than conventional candles. You can check ’em out here.

PLAY: Lightsaber Escape

Lightsaber EscapeImage Credit: The Verge

We’re all infected with the Star Wars fever (not that I’m complaining), and the next coolest thing apart from the actual movie itself, has got to be the web game that Google has released in lieu of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The game’s pretty simple – do battle with stormtroopers aboard a Star Destroyer while wielding your phone as a lightsaber. We’ve tried playing it and it’s definitely anything but easy, despite how effortless it sounds. BTW, to play Lightsaber Escape, all you have to do is head to this link, and proceed to calibrate your phone (just hold it straight, like you would hold a lightsaber). Of course, you can only play this game on Google Chrome (duh). Enjoy! 



Ken Loh
Credit: Humans of Singapore

If you ever happen to pass by a young dude who dons geeky specs busking along the streets of Orchard Road, take a moment to stop and appreciate the musical bliss. This impossibly talented lad, who goes by the name of Ken Loh, shows up outside Mandarin Gallery/Wisma Atria on Fridays and weekends to raise funds for college. Ken can often be heard belting out a classic Ed Sheeran number (sounds a lil’ like him too!), and never fails to attract a lovely crowd every time he performs. Try spotting him, and make his day with a few dollar bills or so. Trust me – you’ll love what you hear.

EAT: Atmosphere Bistro & Cafe

Just look at how cute this Totoro x Teenage cuppa is! This customised creation is specially crafted by the super creative Serene from Atmosphere Bistro & Cafe, and she does some darn good 3D latte art too! It only costs an extra dollar on top of your order to get these utterly adorable foam sculptures on your coffee. Slight problem though: you’ll most likely have a hard time convincing yourself to sip up her masterpieces – it’s not every day you get coffee that looks this good!

P/S: Our January Tuckshop giveaway will be up very soon, so be sure to visit our site again if you wanna to score some cash vouchers for your next cafe-hopping trip.

DIY: Miniature Christmas Trees

Christmas DIY
Credit: Vicky Andhika

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s probably time to add some festive cheer to your home! These miniature Christmas trees are made by our pals from SquareRooms, plus it’s incredibly quick and easy to put together. All you have to do is to spray silver paint on mini paint pots, then green paint on decorative pinecones. Once it’s dry, simply pop a pinecone into the pot and glue a silver star on top. There you go!

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