Weekend List - Merry Christmas!

25 Dec 2015 by Teenage

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Teenage team recommends activities, music and Pinterest-DIYs to make this festive season (and long weekend) an even better one. 


VISIT: Treasures of the World from The British Museum at National Museum of Singapore

Treasures of the World from The British Museum

If you want to head to somewhere that isn’t so Christmasy, head on down to the National Museum of Singapore and explore artefacts at this highly-anticipated exhibition from the British Museum in London! Come face to face with the “unlucky mummy” falsely rumoured to have sunk the Titanic, marvel at gold jewellery from ancient Mesopotamian graves and be fascinated by the magical transformation mask from the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America. Admission is free for all students and guided tours are available too!

National Museum of Singapore is located at 93 Stamford Road, Singapore 178897

MAKE: Easy Christmas Treats


Having guests over to your place for some festive celebrations but wayyy behind on food preparation (like me)? If you don’t mind making some DIY bites, here are some really easy treats you can cook up in this short period of time! I’m going to give these Christmas Tree Brownies a go, they look super cute and are the perfect door gifts!

LISTEN: All I Want For Christmas Is You – BOM&HI

This is the perfect emo song to listen for all you Black Jacks (including me) out there. All I want for Christmas is 2NE1 to make a comeback! I miss Bom so much I can literally listen to this song all day pining over her voice and her 4D personality. Do you guys remember how perfect 2NE1’s MAMA 2015 performance was? *sobs*


WATCH: Ip Man 3

By now, I’m pretty convinced that there’s no better actor to play the role as legendary Wing Chun master Ip Man like Donnie Yen. In this third film, Ip Man stands against a crooked property developer played by none other than Mike Tyson in what’s definitely gonna be an epic showdown – also is it me or does the term ‘property developer’ not sound as menacing as it is on film? Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to seeing Yen kicking ass onscreen like he’s done in the previous two titles! 

LISTEN: ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ – Ariana Grande and Larry Lovestein (Mac Miller) 

Everyone’s recommending their pick of Christmas songs, so here’s mine! I especially love Ariana Grande and Mac Miller’s version of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’. There’s just something about the teasing lyrics and the subtle way the tune brings about the whole ‘crackling fire, snowy night’ feel that truly paints the perfect picture of Christmas to me. Happy coincidence: Ariana Grande’s our January 2016 cover girl for the first time ever, so go on and grab a copy of Teenage yeah? 

DIY: Marble Nails 


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I’m straying away from the usual red, green, glitter trends that adorn nails everywhere during this festive season, and marble nails are a great way to appear polished (no pun intended) yet stylishly appropriate for the entire season. Plus, it’s easy enough – all you need is some cling wrap and a few polish shades and you’re good to go! Tip: make sure your base coat is properly dried before proceeding on to paint on the colours. 


VISIT: The Projector

The Projector
Credit: Justin Loh

If braving the crowd isn’t exactly your idea of a fun Christmas weekend, how ’bout seeking refuge away from the downtown madness at The Projector instead? This hipster-worthy alternative cinema showcases a carefully-curated roster of cult favourites, indie productions, local films etc. Grab a seat on their retro-cool flip-up chairs and catch the premiere of Carol on Christmas Eve, amongst other notable offerings such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Assassin, Macbeth and more. Check out The Projector’s Films & Events page for the complete schedule. And if you’ve gotten tickets to the screenings today, take a peep under your seats for a nice lil’ surprise!

The Projector is located at 6001 Beach Road, #05-00 Golden Mile Tower, Singapore 199589.

WATCH: White Christmas

White Christmas

For those of you who are heading over to your BFF’s house to chillax or simply lazing around at home, and maybe you’re too spoilt for choice on which Christmas flick to watch, I’ve got a recommendation for y’all. Don’t be fooled by its nondescript name though: White Christmas is a Korean mini series chockfull of gorgeous ulzzang hunks and babes, and while you might dismiss it as your typical rom-com trope, you’ll be surprised to find out that it’s anything but. The story’s set in a prestigious high school where all the students have already gone home for Christmas, only 8 stayed behind. Each of them receives a mysterious letter:

I kept thinking about it. When did it all begin?
You tainted me, made me pitiful.
You made me a monster in the corner.
You silenced me.
You ridiculed my false hopes.
You took the only thing I had and put it around your neck.
I held out my hand and you let go.
You deleted me from your eyes.
Finally, you overtook me.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  
After 8 days, walk up the path by the Zelkova tree.
Under the clock tower, you will find someone dead. The night that Jesus was born, I curse you. 

Well… not so much of a bubbly White Christmas drama now, is it? This show will send chills down your spine in the most intriguing, yet humanly satisfying way. Watch it and let us know how it fared in the comments below!

LISTEN: Sing For You – EXO

Following Venetia’s suggestion, here’s yet another emo track for all the depressed souls who love a good cry every now and then. Not sure why, but EXO always seemed to be sad during Christmas – ‘Miracles in December’ in 2013, ‘The Winter’s Tale’ in 2014, and now, ‘Sing For You’. This heart-wrenching ballad features the vocals of all nine members instead of the usual trio, as they waxed lyrical with intricate scenes that depict loneliness whenever they’re alone. Of course, fans can’t help but to dream up possible connections to the members who left the group… Sigh. Big hugs to all the EXO-Ls reading this!

Happy holidays everybody!

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