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31 Dec 2015 by Teenage

It’s officially 2016 guys! The festivities can get a tad hectic, so here are our suggestions on things to do during the first weekend of the New Year. From artsy fartsy brunches to renting an Airbnb apartment to saying goodbye to koalas at the zoo, there’s definitely gonna be something of interest for everyone! 

Arissa Ha, Deputy Editor

SAY: Goodbye to koalas

Time flies when you’re having fun and in just a few days’ time, we’ll be bidding the koalas at the Singapore Zoo goodbye. Catch a glimpse of these furry marsupials before they head back home to Australia. 

The Singapore Zoo is located at 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826.

SHOP: Year-end Sale


With Christmas Day over and 2015 coming to an end, you can expect stores clearing out their stocks to welcome the New Year. If you would like to do some redecorating, HipVan has 15% off all merchandise. But if you prefer visiting brick and mortar stores, most of your fave clothing stores like H&M, Mango, Zara, Aeropostale and Forever 21 are holding their Year-end sale right now. Time to shop for a new wardrobe for 2016! 

STAY: D’[email protected] East

dresort-2 dresort-01

Nothing spells year-end parties like a BBQ get-together with your best pals. Round up 2015 with a night’s stay at the newly revamped D’[email protected] East. Inspired by nature, this 387-room resort comes in nine different room types, perfect for all parties of all sizes. 

D’[email protected] East is located at 1 Pasir Ris Close, Singapore 519599.

Johanna Teo, Writer

DO: Personal Reflection

 Personal reflections

As 31st December rolls around each year, I have a mini ritual where I’d find somewhere quiet to pen/type down my thoughts for the year: how it went, how I behaved, what I learned and experienced, what can be improved etc. Cliched as it sounds, I find it helpful because it acts like a chapter summation and revision type of thing if you will. Reflecting about the year helps me track how well it went, and how to make the following year an even better one! This year, I’m going to focus on how I’ve behaved throughout 2015. Have I changed for the better, or worse? How can I be a better daughter/sibling/friend to my loved ones? Don’t be afraid of self-reflection. Sometimes you might not like what you find, but I guess that’s the only way to make things better. As I grow older (gasp) and get busier and busier, it’s easy to change from each experience without noticing. I find that these little exercises help you stay in touch with yourself, or help to discover who you’re becoming. 

STAY: Airbnb apartment

Credit: Airbnb

Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy parties as much as the next person does, but I thought I’d spend a quieter New Years Eve this year. At the very last minute, I decided to book an Airbnb apartment for a chill gathering  with my friends, and I very easily managed to book an affordable yet super comfy looking place! Not only is Airbnb great for finding cheaper alternatives to stay at abroad, it’s come in handy during times like this, where staycations are too expensive or even fully booked. If you’re planning to book one too, make sure you check out user and apartment reviews before going ahead with the booking, because it is a service after all. And you’d want to make your stay an enjoyable one, right? 

DO: Work Out

RunningCredit: Nike

Year end festivities are great for the spirit but bad for the body, simply because most of us are busy gobbling up the good food that’ll usually be readily available at Christmas celebrations and new year gatherings. This weekend will be spent putting in hard work at the gym to lose all those unhealthy calories I’ve gained! Exercise kinda sucks (in my opinion), but it’s essential in order to keep looking good and staying healthy. If you’re not into running or going to the gym, there are plenty of options that’ll keep you entertained while you exercise. Check out Passport Asia for places that provide yoga, parkour, aikido, taekwondo, muay thai, gymnastics… the list is endless. 

Chew Hui Ling, Writer

EXPLORE: Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

Tanjong Pagar Railyway Station
Credit: Schristia via Flickr

This one’s for all the nostalgics out there: news is out that the iconic Tanjong Pagar Railway Station will be opening its doors for the New Year on 1 January from 9am to 6pm. It’s a once-in-a-blue-moon chance for you to bust out those snap-happy fingers on the historical grounds, while the artistic types can put their skills to good use by submitting sketches of the national monument. Who knows, you might be able to see your artwork on display the next time it’s open to public!

WATCH: MBC Gayo Daejun

MBC Gayo Daejun 2015

For the K-pop geeks who prefer staying away from the festivity malarkey, one countdown fest not to be missed is the MBC Gayo Daejun. It’s the last of the big three year-end music extravaganza in South Korea (with SBS having more misses than hits, and KBS showing ’em how it’s done), and we certainly hope this one’s gonna end off the year with a big bang. The line-up includes EXO, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, INFINITE, 4minute, BTS, GOT7, VIXX, B.A.P etc.

You may live stream MBC Gayo Daejun 2015 on K-pop Stream.

BRUNCH: The Artistry

The Artistry

If you’re looking for a cosy suppper pit-stop after the fireworks and countdown parties, how ’bout ringing in 2016 the artistic way at The Artistry? The cafe cum art gallery will be holding a special overnight brunch service (yes, brunch!) from 10pm today till 6am the next day. Here, you can sip on espresso martinis while savouring chili crab burgers, freshly-made pancakes and PBJ french toasts from dawn till dusk. We couldn’t think of a more decadent way to start off the New Year!

P/S: Thanks for supporting for us the past year, the Teenage team wishes all our awesome readers a lovely 2016 ahead!

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