You Can Now Rent An Oppa As Your Tour Guide For A Day!

5 Mar 2018 by Chew Hui Ling

Renting a boyfriend is so 2017 – you can now find an oppa for hire straight out of your K-drama dreams. Yes, you’re reading this right.

Enter Oh My Oppa, a travel platform where you can book your very own oppa (older brother) as your personal tour guide while you’re travelling in Seoul. How does it work? Take your pick from a catalog of Korean dudes on the site, which comes complete with a short biography of his interests, languages he’s fluent in and his available schedule. Each oppa has a specialised itinerary that lets you experience various aspects of Korean culture, from renting hanboks, to visiting traditional food markets, to going on a K-beauty tour. If you’re not a fan of touristy attractions, you can also opt for other activities such as hanging out at cute animal cafes, getting some shopping done at the fashion malls or simply soaking up the youthful vibes along the university streets.

Prices are rather hefty, starting from 40,000KRW for a two-hour tour up to 200,000KRW for a complete 10-hour experience, so be sure to consider your budget before splashing your cash. Do take note however, that the fees don’t include the cost of any other extra expenses including food, transport fares and all. Not gonna lie, we were initially iffy about the entire concept – it’s pretty much a glorified one-day dating site – but we don’t deny that it’d be an interesting way to explore Korea from a local’s perspective and gain a travel new buddy while at it.

Yay or nay? You decide.

Would you rent an oppa for your next Korea trip? Tell us in the comments below!

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Forget McDonalds’ Cheesy Loaded Fries or Nasi Lemak Burger – we’ve got the real deal sitting in our hands right now: Chocolate Pie! Although the recent new offerings from the fast food giant has arguably been a hit or miss, we know for a fact that they take their pies very seriously. Originally from Korea, we had a taste of the much-hyped chocolate pie ahead of its launch on 1 March and the verdict is in: consider us hooked.


To be honest, you can’t really go wrong with chocolate – but serve it in pie form and you have a little piece of dessert heaven. Admittedly, we spent too much time trying to snap the perfect #FoodPorn shot thus it wasn’t exactly piping hot when we took our first bite, but it’s enough to satisfy your chocolate cravings. Bet it’ll taste so much better when it’s fresh out of the oven though, so skip the ‘gram and just focus on indulging in this pocket of molten goodness.

It’s equal parts crumbly and creamy, filled with a delightfully oozy centre that hits the sweet spot without being overly gelat. We don’t have a major sweet tooth, so we like that it isn’t sickeningly sweet and neither does it taste cheap. And at $1.40, who can resist not sinking their teeth into this cutie pie?

While you’re getting your chocolate fix, don’t forget to check out the new savoury delights – Fish & Fries ($7.90) and Sweet Chilli Fish Burger (from $7.50) – as well.

All items are available after breakfast hours in all McDonald’s restaurants and via McDelivery and Uber Eats from 1 March 2018, while stocks last.

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What exactly is the cheese pull hype all about? Taking over everyone’s Instagram feed with its stretchy, cheesy melted goodness is Say Chiizu, the popular Hokkaido-style cheese toast brand hailing from Bangkok. After opening a chain of takeaway outlets on our shores to stretching queues, the rapidly-expanding franchise will also be launching its first cafe at Bugis+ come early March. 


A post shared by Justin Teo (@justinfoodprints) on

Located at the fourth floor of Bugis+, the cosy 15-seater cafe is adorned with cheery pops of yellow, vintage ornaments and quirky posters that would make great backdrops for your IG snaps. Aside from serving its signature cheese toast in original, chocolate and charcoal flavours, cheese lovers can look forward to a mouthwatering lineup of new savoury and sweet items including the Super Long Fries ($5.80), a massive mound of cheesy fries in its 30cm glory; and the Cheese Tea ($3.20) that comes topped with a dollop of whipped cheese foam. But the pull factor for us is definitely the Matcha Toast ($3.80) – green tea powder and cheese? We can’t wait to dig into it!

Nat Ho is also the creative director in this franchise partnership, so if you’re lucky, you might just bump into the actor while he’s demonstrating his #cheesepull skills in the cafe!

say chiizu

Say Chiizu cafe is located at Bugis+ #04-01, Singapore 188067.

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Chinese New Year isn’t just about bak kwas and ang baos; it’s an annual gathering where you catch up, bond and spend quality time with your loved ones. The long weekend may be over, but there’s still plenty of time to keep the festivities going. If you’re planning a get-together with the cuzzies, we’ve got just the list for you – think an indoor suspended playground, karaoke in a box, and life-sized Marvel superheroes!

Bounce to your heart’s content at AIRZONE

Image credit: AIRZONE

Have a ball of a time at the world’s first indoor suspended net playground! Located right smack at City Square Mall, this elevated playground features four levels of adrenaline-fuelled fun, including a suspended ball pit, giant Zorb balls and a massive slide. Here’s a CNY deal you can’t miss: not only are you able to slash 10 per cent off your admission tickets from now till 28 February, you’ll also stand a chance to win awesome lucky draw prizes such as an $888 ang bao. Huat ah!

Address: City Square Mall Level 2, Singapore 208539
Opening hours: 10.45am – 9pm (Mon to Sun)
Fees: $20 for a 30-mins session, $65 for a special 4-sessions pass

Unleash the kid in you at Timezone Vivocity

Timezone Vivocity
Image credit: Timezone

Remember when we used to think hanging out at arcades with the squad was cool? Our favourite after-school haunt is making a comeback with their newly opened flagship store at Vivocity, making it the biggest arcade in Singapore yet. And check this out: they’ve got bumper cars (LED-lit and all!), 4D rollercoaster simulators and even a bowling alley in this 12,000 square feet haven. It feels like the ’90s all over again!

Address: Vivocity #02-43, Singapore 098585
Opening hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon to Thurs), 10.30am – 12am (Sat), 10.30am – 10pm (Sun)
Fees: $28 for one-hour playtime, $38 for two-hour playtime

Enjoy karaoke in a box at M Bar

M Bar
Image credit: M Bar Singapore

We know, booking a last-minute slot at the nearest Teo Heng is practically an impossible task – but fret not, as you can now have impromptu karaoke sessions at these mini recording studios. These private booths are surprisingly cosy and can fit a small group of three to four, perfect for those who are shy to sing in front of crowds. Plus, they’re completely soundproof so feel free to belt your hearts out and show off your bathroom singing skills!

Address: Plaza Singapura #04-33, Singapore 238839
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon to Sun)
Fees: $6.99 for 15 mins, $9.99 for 30 mins, $16.99 for one hour

Release your rage at The Fragment Room

The Fragment Room
Image credit: The Fragment Room

Grab your fellow hothead cousin and smash your anger away at the first ever rage room in town, which had been all the rage (sorry, we had to) since opening its doors last May. Armed with safety gear and a baseball bat, you’ll have a smashing time – literally – wrecking plates, wine bottles, laptops and television sets for the next 30 mins. Ready to enter beast mode?

Address: 3 Balestier Road, Singapore 329671
Opening hours: 1pm – 10pm (Mon to Sun)
Fees: $38 for single package (one player, 30 mins), $75 for double package (two players, 30 mins), $350 for annihilation package (one player, 60 mins)

Watch your favourite Marvel superheroes come to life at Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds Marvel 4D Experience
Image credit: Madame Tussauds Singapore

While we patiently wait for Avengers: Infinity War to hit our big screens, why not head down to Madame Tussauds Singapore to get your superhero fix at their latest interactive exhibition, the Marvel 4D Experience? Here, you get to marvel over life-sized figures of Iron Man, Captain America and Spider-Man, along with an immersive film screening that brings the action straight to your seats. Expect effects such as wind, water sprays and bubbles!

Address: 40 Imbiah Road, Singapore 099700
Opening hours: 10am – 7.30pm (Mon to Fri), 10am – 9pm (Sat & Sun)
Fees: $32 for children, $42 for adults

Be treated to eargasmic performances at the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

Prudential Marina Bay Carnival
Image credit: Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 

The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival needs no introduction, but for those of you who have yet to visit this mega carnival, it might just be your last chance to do so before it closes on 1 April. Aside from the galore of thrilling rides, nostalgic carnival games and delicious grub, there’s also an exciting lineup of programmes you can look forward to this February, such as yoga classes, cardio fitness sessions, and music performances by Koji, Wolk & the Moon, Catalogue V etc. Visit for more details.

Address: The [email protected] Bay, 11 Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018940
Opening hours: 4pm – 11pm (Mon to Sun)
Fees: Admission is free

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With the arrival of Chinese New Year, comes the mandatory tradition of visiting our family and friends. Between pocketing red packets and entertaining the same ol’ questions from your kaypoh relatives, there’s only so much festive goodies you can stuff yourself with before you get bored. Fret not – add these time-killing apps into your CNY survival kit!

Free, available on Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store


Expand your creativity with the old-school art of origami, made virtually possible with Paperama. Fold through different shapes and figures, with the 3D effect making each touch on your screen feel as close as possible to folding actual paper, and watch your very own origami world come to life. With over 70 paper creations to choose from, this beautiful app makes for the perfect new hobby to master with your fellow artsy cousins!

Bubble Wrap
Free, available on Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store

Bubble Wrap

As much as we all love popping bubble wraps, it’s impractical to lug around chunky pieces of plastic with you when you’re out house visiting. Enter the Bubble Wrap app, which gives you the virtual satisfaction of bursting those irresistible bubble sheets anytime, anywhere. While it may not feel the same as real-life plastic, the ‘pop’ sound each burst makes is just as comforting. Plus, you’re able to adjust the size and colour of the bubbles, and even make it a personal challenge with various stages to complete.

LOL Movie
Free, available on Apple iTunes App Store

LOL Movie

Remember the pre-selfie days when snapping neoprints was the go-to way to pass time among our friends? One minute you had a blue bird above your head, the next you were on a rollercoaster! Those fun times don’t have to be long gone, because a similar app version is here. The app does not really have a long-term purpose besides its simple functions, but you’ll still have a blast playing around with the effects, face changers and voice alterations. In case anyone accuse you of being anti-social, rope the fam in for the fun – create hilarious movies with the cuzzies, lipsync to your favourite songs or even prank your relatives with it!

Two Dots
Free, available on Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store

Two Dots

Connecting dots seems simple enough, but a couple of attempts into Two Dots will have you realising otherwise. Difficulty aside, what makes this app so maddeningly addictive is its sleek interface and straightforward gameplay – you’ll challenge yourself to complete every level without being aware of how much time has passed, and it’ll be time to pack up before you even know it!

Free, available on Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store


Put those years of mathematics to the test with Twenty, a modern take on the classic bricks game that your relatives can definitely relate – but this time around, it’s made more puzzling with numbers attached to each block. Stack and match tiles of the same number to combine them, but once a tile hits 10, that’s where the real challenge starts.  If you’re up for competition, the TwentyTwo function also lets you challenge your cousins. Thoroughly intense, this game will have you hooked once you figure out its mechanics.

Bridge Constructor
Free, available on Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store

Bridge Constructor

If you thought studying physics in secondary school was a drag, think again. Put on your thinking cap and get ready to have hours fly by with the Bridge Constructor app. Logic and budgeting play major roles in mastering the art of bridge building – watch your commuters travel safely, or fail the level and witness them crash and burn. Get the ad-free version at $2.98 to avoid any distractions in your new virtual occupation!

Don’t just keep these apps to yourself – share this list with your family and get everyone on board for the fun!

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