You Can Now Rent An Oppa As Your Tour Guide For A Day!

5 Mar 2018 by Chew Hui Ling

Renting a boyfriend is so 2017 – you can now find an oppa for hire straight out of your K-drama dreams. Yes, you’re reading this right.

Enter Oh My Oppa, a travel platform where you can book your very own oppa (older brother) as your personal tour guide while you’re travelling in Seoul. How does it work? Take your pick from a catalog of Korean dudes on the site, which comes complete with a short biography of his interests, languages he’s fluent in and his available schedule. Each oppa has a specialised itinerary that lets you experience various aspects of Korean culture, from renting hanboks, to visiting traditional food markets, to going on a K-beauty tour. If you’re not a fan of touristy attractions, you can also opt for other activities such as hanging out at cute animal cafes, getting some shopping done at the fashion malls or simply soaking up the youthful vibes along the university streets.

Prices are rather hefty, starting from 40,000KRW for a two-hour tour up to 200,000KRW for a complete 10-hour experience, so be sure to consider your budget before splashing your cash. Do take note however, that the fees don’t include the cost of any other extra expenses including food, transport fares and all. Not gonna lie, we were initially iffy about the entire concept – it’s pretty much a glorified one-day dating site – but we don’t deny that it’d be an interesting way to explore Korea from a local’s perspective and gain a travel new buddy while at it.

Yay or nay? You decide.

Would you rent an oppa for your next Korea trip? Tell us in the comments below!

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