Forget fitting into stereotypical standards. Here are six not-so-typical beauty influencers who are breaking the ‘gram rules and redefining what it means to be bold and beautiful in their own unique ways.

Drew (@mcdrew)

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Makeup truly is a form of art, and anyone who disagrees only needs a quick scroll through Drew’s Instagram feed to be convinced otherwise. From a The Lion King mural, a unique spin on Marvel’s infinity stones and our favourite: a hilariously impressive portrait of Jenna Marbles’ four dogs, the self- taught 22-year-old creates insanely creative looks that would make Picasso proud. And like a true artist, Drew uses her art to spread social messages. We especially love the one where she recreates negative online comments about her looks – all on her gorgeous face.

Patrick Simondac (@patrickstarrr)

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Patrick Starrr aka Patrick Simondac needs no introduction. The male beauty influencer and makeup artist is one of the biggest names in the beauty industry, and his portfolio includes the likes of A-listers such as Katy Perry, Naomi Campbell and the Kardashians. But even more impressive than his over 9 million follower count, is the sheer fact that Patrick has been scandal-free since his career began. He once joked that his biggest career highlight was that he had no drama, and it’s funny because it’s true. Beyond his refreshing drama-free approach and flawless makeup tutorials, Patrick’s platform also promotes positivity, inclusivity and empowerment for all genders and identities.

Kuu Kivelä (@roseshock)

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It seems like Lil Miquela has competition! Hit up Kuu Kivelä for almost-virtual “main character aesthetics” that serves up an eye-catching yet versatile mix of goth, fashion and cosplay fantasy. While her looks aren’t exactly everyday makeup material, you can always count on the 24-year- old Finnish beauty influencer for fresh doses of inspiration.

Nabela Noor (@nabela)

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Aiming to “redefine beauty, one post at a time”, Nabela Noor is all about empowering women and breaking away from societal norms. The Bangladeshi-American guru started her YouTube channel back in 2013 in hopes of representing what she hoped to see on mainstream media while growing up: diverse women of all shapes, cultures and ethnicities. Since then, Nabela has been using her massive platform to spark conversations on social issues such as women’s rights, self-love and anti-bullying. And continues to impact real-world change through passion projects like Noor House, a non-profit based in Bangladesh, and Zeba, a body-positive clothing label for women.

Mei Yan (@infrontofapple)

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Known for her cotton candy tresses and Instagram-perfect aesthetics, Mei Yan is more than just a pretty face on social media. The Chinese-American influencer, who boasts over 600,000 followers on Instagram and YouTube collectively, advocates for ethical beauty by only using cruelty-free products. Adding to Mei Yan’s appeal is her openness about life off-screen, as well as her struggles with depression and mental health. These conversations help ease the pressures that come with keeping up appearances in our social media-driven world – and we’re all here for them.

Catherine Martinez (@catthe1st)

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Meet Catherine Martinez, the beauty maven who’s set on making social media a more wholesome and inclusive space by using American Sign Language (ASL) in her makeup tutorials. Although she is neither deaf nor hard of hearing, Catherine started incorporating ASL and captions into her videos after realising that most beauty videos are auditory and provide no other modes of communication for the deaf community. Since then, she began to include both English and Spanish captions to reach out to an even wider audience. We stan an inclusive queen!

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