How To Pull Off The Granny Hair Trend

9 Apr 2015 by Venetia Sng

If only our grandmas knew how cool they are with their silver tresses. We take a look at the granny hair trend, and what kind of grey (yes, there’s a difference) you should go for if you decide to join the bandwagon.

Models and celebrities have been rocking the grey hair since 2011, but the trend didn’t really pick up until content sharing website Bored Panda asked users to post and share their grey tresses online. Since then, the article has nearly half a million views and more than 6000 posts #GrannyHair on Instagram!


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The key to rocking grey hair is to match your skin tone with the right kind of grey. Lest you forget, Nicole Richie’s version of granny hair is a reminder that hair and skin tone should always complement each other. (What was she thinking?) 

Nicole Richie Granny Hair

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For the fair-skinned
For people with a lighter skin tone, go for a lighter shade of grey, as seen on our March cover girl Cara Delevingne. If you prefer a little spot of colour, lilac and lavender washes off to a cool silvery grey. 

Cara Delevingne Granny Hair

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For darker skin
While a darker grey would look great if you have a darker skin tone, like Rihanna. Black to grey ombre or balayage looks really good on those with olive skin. 

Rihanna Granny Hair

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For those who like to mix it up
If just grey alone is too boring (like a bitter winter), mix things up with cool colours like purple and blue! Try to avoid warm colours as it would bring attention to the yellow undertones that comes with grey hair.

Grey Hair Purple Tips

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