Meet the 21-year-old brainchild behind ASMR Doctor, who creates tingle-inducing content to speak up on the oh-so-quiet topic of mental health.

Ah, ASMR. Who would’ve thought the mere act of whispering would become such a huge Internet phenomenon? For the unacquainted, ASMR (short for Autonomous Meridian Sensory Response) refers to the tingle-inducing sensation that people experience through visual, auditory or cognitive triggers. Just a simple search on YouTube will reveal endless pages of ASMR fodder – think slime, soap cutting and mukbang, just to name a few.

ASMR Doctor

Amongst the plethora of ASMR enthusiasts is Glory Yang, a Singaporean girl-next-door who has amassed a loyal following on social media for her persona as the ASMR Doctor. Unlike other channels on YouTube that are mainly for entertainment purposes, the 21-year-old uses her platform to raise awareness for mental health.

She first discovered ASMR when she was feeling overwhelmed at school, which caused her to spiral down into the pits of depression. It was only after she chanced upon a video by popular YouTuber ASMR Darling, that she became entranced with the trend and was inspired to start her own channel in 2018. She shares in her personal bio, “I felt a true sense of peace within me after watching ASMR videos. It helped me through difficult times by making me focus on something other than my anxious thoughts.”

And now, Glory hopes to continue spreading the wonders of ASMR through lighthearted, engaging content that helps people to relax. We reached out to the ASMR Doctor herself to talk all things ASMR and more.

Hi Glory! How did the idea of ASMR Doctor come about?

“While scrolling through YouTube one day, I fell down the ASMR rabbit hole and never looked back. Since discovering ASMR, I felt more relaxed and was able to fall asleep more easily. That inspired me to start my own channel to find out more about ASMR and use it as a platform to advocate for positive mental health. As I started exploring the different kinds of ASMR videos I could do, I found out that I enjoyed painting and slime more, thus I began to focus on creating visually stimulating content.”

What do you hope viewers can take away from watching your videos?

“Scientific research has found that ASMR can help to ease stress and calm one’s mind, so I hope that my viewers will be able to feel more relaxed after watching my videos. At the same time, I hope to raise awareness about mental health in Singapore as it’s a taboo topic that’s usually swept under the carpet.”

ASMR Doctor

How has YouTube changed you as a person?

“Since young, I’ve always been shy to talk to strangers. It took me a lot of courage to step out of my comfort zone and speak in front of a camera. But through my YouTube channel, I’m glad that I’m able to connect with my audience in a personal way. When people reach out to me on social media, I would try my best to offer advice and answer their questions which made me a more approachable person.”

What’s the most memorable comment you’ve ever received?

“When a subscriber told me that she’s excited to watch my videos every week. It made me feel like there are people out there appreciating my videos and that’s what keeps me going.”

Any advice for those who are coping with their personal struggles?

“Find things in life that make you happy! Instead of dwelling on what’s dragging you down, keeping a positive mindset will help you to stay strong during difficult times. Even the smallest thing, such as making yourself a cup of coffee in the morning, can help to set the tone for your day. There are also a lot of people like me in the online community who will always be there for you, so don’t be afraid to reach out!”

This article was adapted from our latest issue of Teenage Chapters 2019, where we shine the spotlight on youths who are changing the world – one chapter at a time. Out on newsstands now!

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