If there’s one thing that gets you into the mood for work, it’s stationery. Whether you’re stocking up on back-to-school supplies or simply want to spruce up your desk, you’ve turned to the right page. We’ve got you covered with some quirky, on-trend knick-knacks that are the perfect excuse to go stationery shopping.

Speech Bubble Adhesive Notepad

Square notepads are so basic – we’d double tap on these adorable speech bubble sticky notes any day.

Shop this: Speech Bubble Adhesive Notepad, $10, kikki.K

Lightmark Lamp Bookmark, $12.90, Naiise

Need a reason to get back into the habit of reading? Shaped just like a lamp, this bookmark makes the otherwise mundane act of flipping pages all the more enjoyable.

Shop this: Lightmark Lamp Bookmark, $12.90, Naiise

Pastel Sequin Ball Pen, $6.48, ASOS

Who doesn’t want a sequin ball pen in their pencil case? Oh, and it’s pastel – major love.

Shop this: Pastel Sequin Ball Pen, $6.48, ASOS

Pom Pom Push Pins, $2.78, ASOS

These fluffy little guys are great for hanging up your favourite photos, inspirational quotes or important documents in style.

Shop this: Pom Pom Push Pins, $2.78, ASOS

Cool Avocado Sharpener, $7.99, Typo

Be that cool kid in school with an avocado sharpener whom everyone wants to be friends with – just remember to always ask for it back.

Shop this: Cool Avocado Sharpener, $7.99, Typo

Marvel Pen Holder, $17.99, Typo

This one’s for the Marvel aficionados. Why opt for an ordinary pen holder when you can house all your writing instruments within Captain America’s almighty shield?

Shop this: Marvel Pen Holder, $17.99, Typo 

Pilot Pen Juice Paint

Fancy getting crafty? Available in a variety of vibrant hues, the Pilot Pen Juice Paint water-based markers are fun and versatile to use – it marks on most surfaces and is ideal for DIY activities! For those who are keen on getting your hands on these babies, why not take it up a notch by signing up for our hand lettering workshop? Psst… it’s free!

Shop this: Pilot Pen Juice Paint Marker, $2.90 to $34.65, all Tokyu Hands and selected NBC & Times Bookstores

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