For a dancer, auditions are no doubt an important rite of passage that could open doors to countless opportunities. However, it can be intimidating even for seasoned dancers with years of experience under their belts. Fret not – keep in mind these essential dos and don’ts to help you breeze through even the toughest of auditions! 


#1 Research and plan ahead

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Preparation for your audition should begin way before D-Day. Before you even register for an audition, it’s important to do ample research so you know exactly what you are signing up for. Understanding the dance genres and watching past performance clips are some of the ways to equip yourself with relevant information about what the judges could be looking for. With this information on hand, craft your choreography and plan your attire accordingly – and you’re good to go!

Tip: Don’t sacrifice comfort just to look the part. As much as you want to impress the judges, wear something that’s both comfortable and fitting for your choreography.

#2 Practice, practice, practice


You can’t showcase your full potential if you don’t remember your parts. Prior to the audition, schedule enough practice sessions to give yourself time to internalise your choreography and build it into your muscle memory. Forgetting your moves during the audition itself just calls for unnecessary panic, and could even affect your team dynamics if it’s a group audition.

#3 Get adequate rest


Be sure to get enough sleep the night before to ensure that your energy and concentration levels are at its optimum. Have a full breakfast or a light meal in the morning for that energy boost and remember to stay hydrated at all times!

#4 Perform, not execute

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Once you’ve internalised your choreography, the next step is to deliver. Be confident and expressive; do not just execute the steps as they are. Feel the piece and communicate it to your audience so you can make them feel it too!

#5 Manners maketh man

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Leave a good impression and show good sportsmanship by being courteous and respectful to the judges, staff members as well as fellow auditionees. Don’t forget to introduce yourself before and thank the judges after. These seemingly trivial acts can make you stand out from the rest and even score you extra brownie points!

Tip: Greetings are important, but don’t overdo it! Be aware of the time limit and keep your greetings concise.


#1 Be late


“Better be late than never” definitely doesn’t apply when it comes to auditions. Not only does it rob you of that additional warm-up or practice time, you’ll be left flustered and disoriented on top of the audition jitters which may affect your performance. Arrive early to give yourself enough time to settle in and prepare to show your best!

#2 Stress yourself out


Waiting for your turn can be pretty nerve-wrecking, especially when you’re contained in the waiting room with other participants who are probably low-key assessing one another. Don’t let the nerves get the better of you – stay collected even if you come across those who appear to be more skilled than you are. Find confidence in your talents and individuality, as ultimately no one can predict what will happen behind the curtains. Unnecessary comparisons will only flatten your self-esteem and make you feel even more nervous!

#3 Slack off

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You’re placed on a time limit during an audition and only have a single chance to show what you’ve got, so make sure to go all-out in your performance. Keep in mind that this is not a practice sesh – it’s show time!

#4 Freak out when you mess up

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It’s okay to forget a part of the choreography, but don’t show it. Keep your expressions in check and try not to make it obvious when you mess up. Stopping midway through a choreography could snowball to create even more mistakes, especially if you fail to catch the beat to get back to the routine smoothly.

#5 Wallow in defeat

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It’s not all or nothing! Not making the cut for an audition can be due to a lot of factors and does not necessarily mean that your dance capability is not up to par. As cliché as it sounds, learn from your failures. There can be a lot to take away even from failed auditions, so remain positive and use these experiences as a stepping stone to do better in the future!

Featured image credits: 1MILLION Dance Studio

With these tips and tricks on hand, you’re all set to take on the auditions for Teenage Dance Challenge 2019. Registration closes on 8 September, so come and sign up now!

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