Guide to Poly Open House 2016

6 Jan 2016 by Hairin Rahman

The Polytechnic Open House is happening this weekend! We all know how open houses can be pretty overwhelming with so many things going on at the same time, so here’s how you can make the most out of it!

Before Attending:

#1 Check out the school websites to find out the list of available courses and most importantly their entry requirements.

Temasek Polytechnic –
Nanyang Polytechnic –
Singapore Polytechnic –
Ngee Ann Polytechnic –
Republic Polytechnic – 

#2 Shortlist some courses that you might want to pursue. Then, find out where the activities for these courses will take place during the Open House so that you can concentrate on them while you’re there.

#3 It’s good to research on the modules you will be taking during the course of your studies to prepare yourself mentally for what’s expected of you.

#4 Speak to your family and school seniors to get their opinion on the courses and schools.

When You Are There, Look Out For:

Course booths – The Polytechnic Open Houses have an almost carnival-like atmosphere, and can be confusing for some. But stay focused! Get the important things out of the way first so that you can have fun later. Make a beeline for the course booths so you can direct any queries to the relevant course representatives. Prepare a list of questions to ask regarding the courses you have shortlisted. For example, you might want to enquire about the workload, internship opportunities, and employability potential.


Seniors and staff  Don’t be shy! Talk to seniors to get insights on the school culture and learning environment, tips and anecdotes which only students can tell you. Find out the latest course syllabus and what to expect when it comes to assignments and exams.They can also advise you on ways to juggle your studies to ensure you make the most out of your time in polytechnic. Remember to also speak to academic staff to hear about the experience from their point of view, and on the kinds of support you can get from the school. It’s a completely new study environment from what you’re used to in secondary school, so it’s good to know what you’re in for.

Facilities  If you’re planning on studying something niche, check out how the school can enrich your learning through the campus facilities. If you’re keen on a science-related course, are the labs clean and big? If you’re keen on a hospitality course, do they have mock set- ups for you? These factors are important to ensure you get hands-on learning experience as opposed to just theoretical knowledge. Sports enthusiasts might also want to check out the facilities they have for sports and exercise because you’d be spending half the time in school training.


Seminars, workshops and guided tours – Workshops and seminars offer an overview of courses, details on career prospects or further education, and can help you in making a decision on your next step in the next phase of your life. Guided tours will give you a sense of the place you’ll call your second home for the next three years. Make sure to register beforehand for the guided tours on their respective websites!

CCAs – The polytechnics offer a plethora of interest groups and sports teams for you to participate in after school hours. Find out which groups the polytechnics are particularly famous for, and think about the possibility of joining something that you’re not familiar with. After all, school is a great platform to pick up new hobbies, that could develop into future opportunities. Universities and employers also look at the activities you do outside your school curriculum, so the time you invest in your CCAs will definitely make your resume shine.



#1 Don’t go home empty-handed – bring a bag to store all the handouts you’ll be collecting!

#2 Beat the crowd by going early. A full Open House experience takes about four to six hours, and you’d want sufficient time to get all your queries answered.

#3 Compare each school’s pros and cons with all the info you’ve gathered.

Image Credits: Singapore Polytechnic

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