How to Handle Bad Bosses, #LikeABoss

27 Oct 2016 by Venetia Sng

Some of you might be going for your internships or even starting your first job, thinking that you’ve landed yourself a sweet gig only to find out that you’ve volunteered to slog for the worse person in hell. But hey, not all bosses are terrible – here’s a cheat sheet on how you can deal with the different types of bosses you’d most likely encounter, #LikeABoss style.

#1 The Micro-Manager

Bad Boss Meme

A micro-manager loves meddling with everything – punctuality, MC records and basically everything else. They will constantly inspect your work and nitpick at every microsopic error until it’s perfect. Also, beware of CCTVs. If you’re caught checking Instagram during office hours, all we can say is: may the odds be ever in your favour.

How to deal:
Those who exhibit such authoritative traits have trouble trusting others and relinquishing control. Productivity is key for micro-managers, so slacking off is a huge no-no. Turn up on time for work, keep them in the know with email updates and always follow up on projects. They’ll loosen up once they’re certain of your competence.

#2 The Cold-Hearted

Always cocooned in their fortress of solitude, they draw clear lines between their professional and personal life, making it difficult for you to warm up to them. But when they do speak up, their icy words cut deeper than a lash.

How to deal:
The tricky thing about this personality is that they won’t tell you what they want – you have to figure it out. It takes time to know what they’re thinking, so don’t panic when they give you the cold shoulder. Asking smart questions is the way to go – they won’t strike up a conversation with you over that, but chances are they will be impressed.

#3 The Talent Squeezer

Watch out for employers that are particularly adept at making use of your abilities – they are out for blood. Such bosses enjoy squeezing you dry until you’re physically and mentally exhausted, without leaving a single drop behind.

How to deal:
Just because they value your work doesn’t give them the right to push you to your limits. If you think the responsibilities are too much for you, learn to say “no” and prepare justifications to back you up. But if you really love your job, negotiate for something more. You deserve it after all.

#4 The Kanchiong Spider

Bad Boss Meme

Perhaps the best personality to embody the phrase “time is of the essence”, the Kanchiong Spider is always in a hurry to get work done. They fly into panic mode when things are moving too slowly and will start bombarding you with emails after emails the minute you step into the office.

How to deal:
We know it’s awful working for someone who’s constantly breathing down you neck. For starters, assure your boss that everything’s in order and update them on the progress whenever necessary. Take the initiative to help out with smaller tasks so they’ll have lesser projects to worry about. Also, speak up so your boss can be aware of the consequences of being overly time-oriented.

#5 The Biased Boss

There’s always this one coworker getting all the benefits, from overseas trips that are already paid for, to getting that coveted promotion. Then there’s you – going on countless coffee runs and doing menial chores around the office. And honestly, you’re not even that bad.

How to deal:
It’s natural to feel upset about the higher-ups playing favourites, but there’s a way to work around this – and no, we don’t recommend sucking up to them too. People might think that you receive opportunities solely because of your relationship with the boss, and not your capabilities. In order to beat that, prove your talent at work and stand out from others.

#6 The Dictator

Bad Boss Meme

The one who wakes up at the wrong side of the bed everything morning, the Dictator is probably the most feared of the lot. Vindictive and condescending, they tent to snap at you for the weirdest reasons and overlord over subordinates just because they can.

How to deal:
Stay far away from them and just complete your tasks quietly, all while being extremely pleasant. Chances are they won’t be able to find anything to scrutinise over if you surpass their expectations. But if they start taking things too far, it’s probably best to run. There’s no point in staying for someone that doesn’t respect you.

At the end of the day, you’re your own boss – own it.

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