How to Multi-Task Efficiently

13 May 2015 by Venetia Sng

We admit it, multi-tasking can seem like a chore and it feels like being pulled in ten different directions at once. Well, we did our research and these five principles of effective multi-tasking can help you get more done in less time.

No hocus pocus but FOCUS

Focus Meme

It is an easy thing to overlook and is often the reason why our tasks take longer to complete.  We allow ourselves to be distracted by what’s around us and next thing you know you’ve started three projects and completed none.  When you set a clear rule that you will focus on only one specific task at a time, you increase your efficiency dramatically.  Not only will you become quicker at completing tasks, but you will improve your accomplish rate by finishing more tasks even quicker.  This is a base principle in multi-tasking efficiency – learn to focus on the task at hand and ignore distractions.

Ready, Set, GO!


It’s amazing how focused we can really be when we have a deadline or a short amount of time to get a task completed.  If you have 15 minutes to complete the task, focus on the intention that you will get it done within that amount of time so you can move on to your next task. However, you don’t want to complete something within the time allotted and have it done poorly so always set realistic deadlines.

Move on and let it go let it go~

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This is where a lot of people get tripped up.  They finish one task and move on to the next, only to still be thinking about the task they just finished.  When a task is complete, all emotional energy related to that task should be released.  Look at the completion of your tasks as an emotional release.  It’s done – finished.  You no longer have to think about it.  You’re moving on.  One big key is to try and keep similar activities together so you don’t have to mentally make big adjustments between tasks.  It wastes precious time when you have to switch between unlike activities.

Prioritising is the key

Priorities Meme

Concentrate on ranking your tasks from high priority to low priority. FYI, Snapchat or Instagram does not qualify as a high payoff activity.  Following up on that group project, finishing up assignments and getting that revision done are tasks that qualify as high payoff activities. 

Stick to the plan

Obama Plan Meme

Effective multi-tasking also relies on effective time management and that means, whether you like or not, planning with a calendar. Without having to keep everything in your head, you can write it down and let it go to some extent.  You don’t have to stress about forgetting it because it will be in your calendar.  Honouring the calendar can actually provide a lot of relief and control in your life.

Credit: businessknowhow

Kick that low productivity old you in the butt and start multi-tasking #likeaboss!

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