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4 Jan 2016 by Teenage

After what seems like endless nights cramming for your ‘O’ Levels, the fruits of your labour will finally be unveiled. If Singapore Polytechnic (SP) is your choice for your post-secondary education, check the expiry date on your passport ‘cause may be jetting off in your first year!

At SP, there are many opportunities for students to travel overseas. From neighbouring Malaysia and Indonesia to as far as London or San Francisco, SP students have been there, done that.

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Students get to compete in an international arena – like this group of SP students from the School of Architecture and the Built Environment who flew to Taiwan for a regional earthquake competition to pit against those from the universities. Separately, another group of engineering students went to China for a robotic competition. Both groups returned with shining medals!



Imagine taking along a self-built car to compete in an international race. Impossible? Have a chat with the SP engineering students who flew to Australia with their self-built solar car for the World Solar Competition. The race took saw them traversing 3,000km from Darwin to Adelaide, taking in sights that would never get to see in Singapore.



Are you a fan of CP Foods, manufacturer of the popular shrimp wantons available in supermarkets here? The Diploma in Food Science and Technology students travelled to Bangkok where they saw with their own eyes how products from CP Foods are manufactured in their headquarters.


Every year, SP students fly to Seoul for various overseas programmes. Not too long ago, a group of SPOT (SP Outstanding Talent) students were there for an international conference where they networked with tertiary students from all over the world and exchange ideas to make the world a better place!

If you excel in sports, nothing will stop you from competing in overseas tournaments. The SP Dragon Boat team, the best among the polys, have competed in Taiwan, Penang and Sarawak.


There could be serious work beckoning in faraway land if you are up to it. SP’s life science students have worked alongside professors from Ivy League universities such as Harvard, Yale and Massachusetts Institute of Technology to conduct scientific research. There were others who went to Australian and UK universities for the same reason. And all of them returned with a renewed zest for research work!

In SP, there are many opportunities for you to give back to the less fortunate communities and not just here in Singapore. Many SP students have travelled to regional third world countries for the Learning Express Programme where they partner tertiary institutions there to develop innovative ideas they would improve lives in those countries.


Many others have completed overseas community programmes in countries like China, India, Myanmar, Laos, Philippines and Vietnam. Optometry students went to Sri Lanka to provide eye checks for villages while IT students went to Laos to teach basic computer skills to the local kids.

 If you need to be convinced on how overseas exposure can transform your views of the world, have a chat with second-year architecture student Victoria Tan. During her three years in SP (including her Polytechnic Foundation Programme year), she has been on six overseas trips spanning China, Indonesia, Philippines, Laos, China and Japan. From building basic hygiene facilities in Kunming, China, to uncovering business practices of Japanese companies, and studying Balinese architectural designs, she will have plenty of stories to share on how these trips have boosted her self-confidence and independence. In short, SP has prepared her to be world-ready.



Come speak with SP students on their overseas exposure at the SP Open House taking place from 7 to 9 January. Visit for more details.

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