Be Spoilt for (Food) Choice at Singapore Polytechnic

10 Nov 2015 by Venetia Sng

Can you guess how many food courts there are in Singapore Polytechnic (SP)? They have 6 food courts to cover a campus that big! Can you imagine the time you will need just to patronise each and every stall at all the food courts?



Students at SP always have the same problem everyday, what to eat for lunch/dinner today? There’s the usual Chicken Rice and Nasi Padang to the fancier fares like Japanese and Thai cuisine. One thing’s for sure, you will never be sick of the food at SP.



Did we mention how affordable the food is at SP? It’s an open secret that you can get a mean plate of Economy Rice for just $2 at Food Court 2 and wash it down with a cup of 50¢ Teh-O.



Besides the food courts, there are close to a dozen other fast food eateries, cafes and takeaways located in strategic spots across the campus. No time to queue for the ever popular Chicken Up? Head down to Subway for a quick bite! McDonald’s and KFC remain as favourites for many SP students as well.



If you need a snack along the way to your next lecture/tutorial, how about a curry puff from Old Chang Kee’s travelling truck or kaya toast from Ya Kun? There are also Manna Pot Café, Yoshinoya, Bang Deli, J Express and others to satisfy your hunger pangs.



Need a pick-me-up drink/dessert to combat that food coma? There’s Starbucks and they serve one-for-one drinks every Wednesday! Plus SP still has the only llaollao store in a polytechnic and doesn’t hurt that you won’t have to queue forever for it.


Singapore-Poly-llao-llaoPhoto credits: Singapore Polytechnic

So make SP your choice after your ‘O’ Levels, your tummy will thank you for it and you’ll never regret your choice!

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