Who says studying has to be boring? Liven up your workstation with these aesthetically-pleasing DIY projects that will take your study situation from drab to fab!

It’s lit

DIY Candles

Brighten up your desk with these scene-stealing candles! To make, you’ll need polymer clay in a variety of colours and a thick candle. Take a chunk of the base colour and roll it out to about 1cm thick. Measure the height of the candle, score the clay and cut it so it’s large enough to wrap around the candle. With the other coloured clay, roll a small amount of each into a ball and flatten with a rolling pin. Using a penknife, cut into small geometric shapes and press them onto the base clay to form a terrazzo-like pattern. Wrap the clay around the candle to get its shape. Remove candle and bake clay in a preheated oven for 30 minutes. Once cooled, replace candle into the clay holder.

Magnetic field

DIY Magnets

Here’s something that will jazz up your workspace. To make these terrazzo-patterned magnets, roll out the base polymer clay in your desired colour to 1cm thick pieces. Roll out the other coloured clay and cut them into irregular shapes for the terrazzo effect. Arrange the smaller pieces over the base clay. Cover with wax paper and roll over with a rolling pin to incorporate the smaller pieces into the base clay. Cut out the clay to your desired shape and bake for about 30 minutes. Once cooled, glue on the magnets and you’re done!

Let’s hang out

DIY Macrame Planter

These cute mini macramé planters will let you grow your plant collection without cluttering up your tabletop. To make, cut out eight pieces of rope or string to your desired lengths then knot them over a loop for hanging. Move down the length of two strings and tie a knot. Move down one to three inches and connect the string to another and make a knot to form a diamond. Create enough diamond shapes so the strings can comfortably support your planter. Knot all the strings together to form the base.

Wrap it up

DIY Mirror

This easy DIY lets you upgrade your existing mirror in an instant. Cut three pieces of rope into three-metre lengths, and attach to a wooden ring by making a loop. Braid each section of the rope until you get at least 10cm of braids and tie a knot at the end of each braid. Wrap the braids around the mirror to create your desired pattern. Once the mirror is wrapped up, attach some wooden beads at the bottom end of the braids.

In stitches

DIY Cushion

Have a favourite word or quote? Bring out your sewing kit and start stitching on your pillows for a quick update! First, outline the front of a pillowcase with pencil. Then turn the case inside out and start stitching according to the outline. Once the outline is filled, satin stitch to fill in the word.

Bowl of joy

DIY Bowl

These kaleidoscopic bowls are perfect for containing your jewellery all while prettying up your vanity. Divide your selection of coloured polymer clay into portions and roll them up into small ropes, then loosely twist them together. Once combined, roll the clay rope into a coil and flatten into a disc. Mould the flattened disc using a small bowl to get its shape. Remove from bowl and bake clay as instructed. Once cooled, spray-paint the rim with metallic paint.

To dye for

DIY Planter

Take your succulent collection to the next level with these chic little planters. To make, mix the concrete with water in a bucket. Take out a small portion of concrete and place it in a small plastic bucket to dye it with your desired colour. Pour the white concrete into the dyed mix and stir to create a marbled effect. When the mix is still wet, push a copper cap onto the top and leave to dry. Once dried, turn the bucket over to pop out the plastic bucket.

This article was adapted from SquareRooms Magazine.

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