There is no escaping the fact – studying is inherently boring. Unless you’re truly without other hobbies during your own free time, no one wants to willingly spend time poring over wordy textbooks or memorising a thick stack of notes.

In recent times, however, there has been a community of students who are looking to change this fact. Taking social media platform Instagram – more often than not seen as a distraction – as their medium, they have begun beautifying and snapping shots of their study notes, pairing their cursive notes and colourful diagrams with adorable pieces of stationery to brighten up the image.

These “studygrams”, as they have been stylised, have turned distractions into study motivators. Not only are the ones creating the notes taking the time to read through their study materials and recreate them in style, others would be inspired to create their own notes as well. The stationery recommendations are a plus too – after all, you can trust these “studygrammers” to know where to pick up the prettiest sets of writing tools for the most aesthetic-pleasing setup.

Need some inspiration? Here are a bunch of gorgeous local #studygram accounts that are sure to keep you motivated.


Managed by engineering university student Corrine, this feed offers detailed algebra notes with a smattering of Marvel-related spreads in the journals. Pastel stationery and items also make an occasional appearance.


The focus of Zee’s spreads – also known as bujo (an acronym of bullet journal) – is the neat, printed style of the paragraphs, along with a bright cursive header and coloured biology diagrams.


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woah new chem notes!!! hope you had a good week :-)

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Named after the beloved Pokemon mascot opposite of Pikachu, Vivien’s minimalist spreads with a black cursive script come enhanced with dried flowers and pleasing stationery sets for a well-organised feed.


Unlike the other well-lit studygrams, the junior college student behind @mochistudies makes use of shades and natural sunlight for their notes in various ink colours.


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am still totally alive

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Instead of a pure studygram account, @soyistudying’s feed also includes snapshots of charming stationery sets, plushes and the intermittent Muji shopping bag. Spot a Starbucks cup or two among the pictures.


Simply having study notes on your socials isn’t your thing? You can check out @cloudyymoons’ various concert, travel and month-related works among their school notes, which are highlighted in soft, cool colours throughout the feed.


One of the most uniform feeds around, this account puts the focus on clean scripts. Each set of notes are done in just two colours – black and whichever shade that suits their fancy for the day – which may appear to be simple, but is effective in highlighting its unpretentious style.

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