8 Things You Can Expect At The BIGBANG [MADE] Tour

30 Apr 2015 by Venetia Sng

The BIGBANG [MADE] tour dates have been set and we sieved through their recent concert in Seoul to let you know what to expect from their long awaited comeback world tour in Singapore! 

Taeyang topless

Taeyang Big Bang

Come on, it’s Taeyang we are talking about. We all visualise his beautifully chiseled body when anyone mentions his name. The day he keeps his top on is the day we weep.

Bingu TOP

Bingu TOP Big Bang

We always see the serious, cool TOP in music videos and the films he star in which is why we want to see more of Bingu TOP cause that’s Choi Seung Hyun in real life for you.

Crazy sounds from GD

Big Bang Made World Tour 2015

Credit: YG Entertainment

Kwon leader is always full of energy during concerts, he is like an energy ball that won’t stop singing/rapping/dancing/jumping around all the way until the gig ends. We love how he makes “background” sounds like whooping, really brings the atmosphere up.

Fan service by Seungri

Seungri Big Bang

Maknae of the group is well known for his great fan service, many calling him the Fan Service King. Instead of flinging water into the crowd – not that we don’t want to be drenched in the holy water blessed by him, but maybe he can fling himself in too?

Less smile eyes from Daesung

Big Bang Made World Tour 2015

Credit: YG Entertainment

We love Daesung’s smile eyes but it seems like we won’t be able to see much of it due to the new hair style he has been sporting. Maybe if he could just sweep his bangs to the side a bit…

New songs

Big Bang Made World Tour 2015

Credit: YG Entertainment

We can definitely expect new tracks from them as they are scheduled to release new songs on the 1st of every month until September 2015. Their Singapore stopover is on the 18th & 19th of July so maybe a sneak peek of the August release?

Awesome stage setups

Big Bang Made World Tour 2015

Credit: YG Entertainment

At the recent comeback concert held in Seoul on 25th and 26th April, BIGBANG did away with ordinary concert stages, where a lot of structures installed on the stage hinder audience’s visibility. In its place, they installed a “nude stage” so that fans can get up close and personal with each of the members with a “floating” platform. How cool is that?!

Crazy hairstyles

Big Bang Made World Tour 2015

Credit: YG Entertainment

From TOP’s over the top spiky hair to GD’s noose side burn, we really wonder if they will ever run out of ideas for their hair.

What would you like to see when BIGBANG head down to Singapore for their world tour? Let us know! 

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