Let’s admit it: we aren’t all blessed with Beyonce’s divalicious body rolls, and neither can we bust out a moonwalk as smoothly as Michael Jackson. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to pick up choreography like a pro. We compiled a bunch of instructional videos that will help you to upgrade your get-down in no time.

Let’s start with the basics.

From popping to locking, to lesser-known forms like electric boogaloo and gangsta walk, here are some dope street dance styles you should know about.

#1 Footwork

Originating from Chicago, this hyperspeed dance style may seem hard to master, but you can start off with some basic footwork steps like the ones in this video. There’s no narration to guide you through, but the moves are simple enough to follow for even the uncoordinated.

#2 Popping

A funk dance style that involves the tensing and relaxing of muscles to create a flow, popping requires a lot of repetition to get it right so we recommend practicing with one body part at a time. Learning how to pop your arms is a good place to start.

#3 Krumping

Also known as clowning, it takes a great deal of energy and body control to keep up with this fast-paced dance form. Some basic krump moves are the stomps, chest pops, jabs and arm wings – and you can learn it all from fellow krumper BDash right here.

#4 Knee Drop

This flashy B-boy stunt will no doubt score you a ton of swag points, but it’s important to do it properly to avoid slamming your kneecaps. Fret not – choreographer Mihran Kirakosian does a thorough explanation of each step in this detailed yet easy-to-follow tutorial.

#5 Shoot Dance

You’d have to be living under the rock if you haven’t heard of the viral shoot dance that originated from Tennessee-based rapper Blocboy JB. Unlike the other tutorials in this list, YouTube personality JustKryptic keeps it lighthearted and fun.

It’s time to step it up.

If you’ve already got the basics down, why not take your street dance game up a notch by learning the routines to some of the popular tracks on the charts?

#1 ‘I Like It’ – Cardi B

We’re going to be honest here: this one can be pretty tricky for beginners. But choreographer RainO breaks down the steps into slow, digestible chunks so you’ll be able to nail most of the routine by the end of it (after all, it’s 23 minutes worth of learning material).

#2 ‘In My Feelings’ – Drake

So everyone knows how to do the shiggy (#InMyFeelings challenge, anybody?), except you… right? Well, now you can thanks to this Chop Daily tutorial!

#3 ‘Shine’ – Pentagon

One of the first few K-pop acts to jump onto the shoot dance bandwagon, Pentagon’s take on the viral trend is fun, cheeky and oh-so-catchy. We particularly love RPM Dance Crew’s tutorial, which brings you through the steps in a raw yet concise manner – it’s almost as if you’re attending the actual dance class itself!


With their fierce hip-hop attitude and eclectic style, BLACKPINK oozes girl crush vibes with every bop they put out – take their latest track ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ for instance. Fellow K-pop dancer Lisa Rhee has an entire tutorial on this, and the best part? Not only did she split up the routine into parts for easier learning, she also included both mirrored and slowed-down versions to help you along the way.

Are you up for a challenge?

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