Best And Worst Dressed At The Met Gala 2015

5 May 2015 by Arissa Ha

The annual Met Gala is back again – we take a look at the best and worst dressed celebrities on the red carpet. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York held its annual Met Gala hours ago. Themed “China: Through The Looking Glass”, the new exhibition which will be held between 7 May to 16 August, honours Chinese influences in art, fashion and films. 

Here’s a look at the hits and misses of the night.


We would lose the weird makeup, but Lady Gaga’s Alexander Wang for Balenciaga getup hints of oriental influences, without looking too much like a costume.

Queen Bey can do no wrong. Although the theme is lost on her, she looked absolutely stunning in this Givenchy dress. 

Selena Gomez picked an oriental element (in this case, Chinese knots) and weaved it effortlessly into this gorgeous Vera Wang gown. Props for not looking like it’s over-done even with hair pieces like that. 

We don’t normally like Kim Kardashian’s outfits but this Roberto Cavalli gown is so en pointe

Miley Cyrus’ dress was a huge improvement from last year’s fishnets. We liked that she got to keep her sexy cut-outs without any of her girly bits coming out to play.  

Fan Bing Bing looks like a goddess as usual. Her cape oozes the right amount of chinoiserie-chic without looking like she just walked out from a getai performance. Take notes everyone, this is how you do it. 


Justin Bieber’s Balmain jacket looks like my grandma’s bridal sheets. If he’s going for the Hong Kong mafia boss look, then I’d say he nailed it. 

If you thought wearing a bindhi was culturally inappropriate, try wearing a Teochew Opera headdress. Is that dress reminiscent of a certain ‘China Wine’ MV or is it just us? 

Hey Katy Perry, did you get the memo about this year’s theme? It’s Chinese, not graffiti vandalism. On another note, where did she get the spray can purse from?

Hey Li Yuchun, just cause you’re Chinese doesn’t mean you get to slip pass the theme for the night. You’re not even putting in any effort. Do not pass ‘Go’, do not collect $200. 

Rihanna’s dress makes us hungry and we can’t quite place a finger on it –  maybe it’s cause it looks like pizza. 

Who do you think is the best or worst dressed? Let us know in the comments below. 

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