What We Love & Hate About Bae Bae And Loser

11 May 2015 by Venetia Sng

We can’t stop talking about it the whole week and if you didn’t know (where have you been!), Big Bang has dropped their new songs Loser and Bae Bae, the first 2 songs of the project singles leading up to the full album [MADE] and we tell you what we LOVE & HATE about the videos.

Bae Bae

♥ TOP’s Expressions

Big Bang Bae Bae TOP

We think TOP is absolutely adorable in this music video, you can see that he’s totally letting it go, feeling the music and doing whatever he felt like. Bingu TOP for the win!

♥ Seungri’s Perfect Hair and Make Up

Big Bang Bae Bae Seungri

Can we say Seungri’s eyeshadow with that platinum do is beyond perfect, that’s his iconic look right there. 

♥ GD Being Shy

Big Bang Bae Bae

Look at that smile and him acting all shy afterwards. We just want to squeeze his cheeks (if we can).

☹ Taeyang’s Horse Mane

Big Bang Bae Bae Taeyang

We are not loving that hair on Taeyang, it’s called a horse mane for a reason, not human mane. Just no.


♥ Taeyang High Five-ing the Frenchie

Big Bang Loser Taeyang

HOW CUTE IS THIS! We can just look at this gif all day. If you’re feeling depressed and down like a loser, just look at this gif and you’ll feel much better.

♥ TOP Bawling His Eyes Out

Big Bang Loser TOP

TOP bringing his acting game on! This scene has so much feels we feel like hugging him and crying along with him.

☹ Daesung Getting Beaten Up

Big Bang Loser Daesung

This look all too real for us and our hearts can’t take it. STOP BEATING DAESUNG!

☹ End Scene

Big Bang Loser

We love how the MV pulls us in with the music and stories but the end scene isn’t working for us. All of them just taking a stroll after getting cheated on, beaten up, bawling your eyes out and feeling all depressed? It doesn’t do much for the whole video, they could have ended it better.

What do you think of the music videos? Let us know! 

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