Music is more than just entertainment. For some, it’s a soundtrack that accompanies them through the good times; for others, it’s a form of remedy to nurse their invisible wounds. Everyone has a sound out there that speaks to them – we asked fans to share with us how their favourite artistes have touched their lives.

vampire weekend

“For me, music is both a form of expression and a form of escapism. The moments when I’m playing the guitar or lying in bed with Vampire Weekend’s eclectic sounds on repeat, are when I briefly forget my troubles and feel the most alive. There’s something about it that can momentarily transport you to another place or transform you into a whole other person. So whenever life gets tough, it’s comforting to know that there’s still this little space in my mind I can go back to – just to lose myself for a while.” – Emma, 19


“One of my favourite artistes is Lorde. While being her fan is filled with the unrelenting thrills of wondering when she will ever come to Singapore and clutching her Melodrama album as one embodies its name, Lorde’s music is at times so supremely specific but so refreshingly relatable. Keep the clichés coming: through breakups, fights and happiness, her narrative is one that I’ll never forget.” – Nikki, 18


“Rihanna has always been my personal OG. Her blend of R&B and reggae tunes coupled with her fiercely unapologetic spirit has since influenced my preference in music. At her peak, I was still a teenager juggling self-discovery – but her boldness and self-empowerment really rubbed off me. It gave me that courage to just ‘be me’.” – Sienna, 21


all american rejects

“I honestly can’t imagine a world without music. For every occasion, there’s always been a song with lyrics to get me through a hard time, or a feel-good rhythm that makes me want to bust out my air guitar moves anytime, anywhere! On the most mundane days or times when I’m down, I’ll put on a playlist of all my favourite songs from The All American Rejects and all’s well in an instant. Music is my comfort food.” – Audria, 18

the corrs

“Music has always been a major part of my life, as my parents would frequently tune in to the radio and play music around the house while I was growing up. Having spent my childhood listening to artistes such as The Corrs, Bryan Adams and Michael Learns To Rock, I’ve developed an affinity for music ever since, which resulted in a career pursuit at a music label as well as writing for music features. While I’ve never been able to commit to learning how to play an instrument, my love for music continues as a passionate hobby, and it will remain that way for a lifetime.” – Shawn, 24

taylor swift

“I remember getting my first MP3 player and the good old days where I would send Taylor Swift hits to my friends over Bluetooth. Music has been such an important part of my life and I’ve only grown more appreciative of it. Music brings people together through common interests; it’s a universal experience that transcends cultural boundaries. Music is an avenue for artistes to express themselves, and for audiences to find parts of them inside. And I cannot thank my lucky stars enough that I have music to get me through my daily morning commute.” – Gwen, 18

james bay

“With the many genres of music, such as pop, rock or even instrumental, it has been a great outlet of creative expression to me as it can attune to any emotions that I may feel. James Bay, in particular, is one of my go-to artistes as his songs range from head-bangers to melancholic tunes so I can just switch it up according to my mood.” – Nicholas, 16

the 1975

“When I first came across The 1975, I was just starting out on the journey of self-exploration and enlightenment that comes with being an adult. They’d just released their debut record – a catalogue of dark lyricism set against a synth-pop background that was so identifiable yet unique. I was immediately captivated. But what struck me most was that they had released four EPs before dropping the full-length album – a move they deemed necessary to ‘express [themselves] properly’. It’s this self-confidence that the band has as a whole and as individuals, that I hope to emulate someday, because there’s nothing better than going through life as a person who is unapologetically yourself.” – Jing Wen, 23

How has your favourite artiste changed your life? Share with us your story in the comments below!

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