iKON Had Fans Tickled Pink At Their Continue Tour In Singapore

7 Nov 2018 by Chew Hui Ling

If you thought WINNER’s concert was lit, you’re absolutely right – but leave it to iKON to bring the atmosphere to a new high at their 2018 Continue Tour in Singapore.

Staging their sophomore concert at the Max Pavilion right after their YG labelmates, the seven-member K-pop outfit delivered a high-octane set packed with solid live performances, rousing solo stages, and of course, a ridiculous amount of highly-entertaining banter in true iKON fashion. Similar to WINNER, iKON took charge of the dialogues without the presence of a translator, keeping the crowd in fits of laughter with their witty comments and side-splitting antics throughout the two-hour showcase. We recap some of the funniest moments of the night.

#1 Oh, nothing much – just Jinhwan being jinhwan. 

Taking a breather after performing a string of high-energy tracks such as ‘Bling Bling’, ‘Sinosijak and ‘Rhythm Ta’, the boys took some time to catch up with SG iKONICs. While the other members were busy talking about their love for chilli crab and wanting to visit Sentosa, Jinhwan casually added that “Singapore is my city. It’s so fresh and clean, just like me!”, which drew a chorus of mock disapproval from the members. Look at their hilarious reaction below!

#2 A moment of silience for Double B… literally.

While the vocal line went backstage to prepare for their next performance, Bobby and B.I took over the mics to keep the crowd entertained. They did everything they could to stall the time – from initiating a ‘Love Scenario’ sing-off, to an aegyo battle (which was clearly not the rap duo’s forte as they outrightly declared they’re not “aegyo people”) – but their members were still not ready.

Running out of topics to talk about, they were left with no choice but to stare at the audience in silence. “We don’t know what to do anymore!” an exasperated Bobby cried out. Fortunately, the vocal team swooped in to save the poor lads a couple of seconds later.

#3 Yunhyeong and Jinhwan being savage towards each other.

“Who’s the most handsome?” Bobby asked the crowd, which led to a playful exchange between Yunhyeong and Jinhwan as the former claimed that his “face is better than Jinhwan’s”. Not one to let a shade-throwing opportunity slip by, Jinhwan proceeded to take a swipe at the vocalist: “Well, you should work harder on your face because Chanwoo’s is better!” Oh, burn.

#4 A wild Bobby on the loose!

Fans went hysterical when Bobby appeared in a super adorable sea lion onesie (a character from League of Legends named Urf) during ‘Best Friend’. Check out his cool breakdancing and twerking moves!

#5 So… who’s gonna protect who?

iKONICs’ fan project was a huge success! During the encore, fans were holding up banners that read “We’ll protect iKON’ which successfully caught the members’ attention. “No, we will protect you,” a particular smol angel by the name of Jinhwan commented, while our almighty leader B.I timidly added in, “Please protect me”.  Aww… let’s just all protect one another, shall we?

Featured image credit: YG Entertainment

We couldn’t think of a more heart-fluttering way to end off the night. What was your favourite moment during #iKONTINUEinSG? Tell us in the comments below, iKONICS!

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