Mulan Live Action Movie: Our Cast Predictions

10 Apr 2015 by Venetia Sng

Another Disney animated film is going through the live action facelift and we cannot wait for it to hit the big screen already! Followed by the box offices successes of Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent and the most recent release Cinderella, Disney announced that Mulan will be going under development for a live action remake.

Casting for the highly anticipated Beauty and the Beast adaptation was announced earlier this year, with Dan Stevens, Josh Gad, Emma Watson and Luke Evans slated to star in the Bill Condon directed film. We would love Mulan to have a star studded cast as Beauty and the Beast and here are our choices!

Fa Mulan – Constance Wu


The Fresh (Off The Boat) breakout star is our choice for the titular role of Mulan. She’s got the acting chops, the sass and attitude, plus she can sing! What’s not to love? And we are really sure Constance would look great as Mulan. #ConstanceWuforMulan

Li Shang – Rain


Many are hoping for Godfrey Gao from The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones to take on the role but we’ve got our eyes on Rain. Li Shang is not your average pretty face prince charming, he’s got great martial arts skills, wits and most importantly appears half naked. Even better if they are planning to have singing scenes, Rain can totally serenade us with his soulful voice.

Shan Yu – Ken Watanabe


This villain is one of Disney’s most underrated, just by looking at him gives us the chills. Who else but Hollywood veteran Ken Watanabe to play this ruthless/merciless character. Being a total bad ass as Ra’s al Ghul’s decoy in Batman Begins has got us convinced that he would be a bigger bad ass as Shan Yu.

Mushu – Ken Jeong


Mushu has sass, Ken Jeong is sass. We can’t think of a more perfect fit. Though Eddie Murphy did a great job breathing life into the character, we do want to see someone else to take a stab at this role.

Fa Zhou – Hiroyuki Sanada


Though the character has little screen time, Fa Zhou is the pivotal role in Mulan as he is the reason why our heroine decides to enter the army. The character is tough and unyielding in face of war, yet a loving and tender father/husband/son. Hiroyuki having played numerous films such as Rush Hour 3, The Wolverine and 47 Ronin to name a few. We are sold.

Fa Li – Ming Na Wen


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the original voice of Mulan to play Fa Li? That was what we thought and Ming Na did mention that she hopes to be in the live action movie. Someone cast her and get the contract signed already!

Ling, Chien Po, Yao – Masi Oka, Harry Shum, Steven Yuen



We love this comedic trio in the original animated film, and we really hope they wouldn’t exclude them in the live action movie! Masi as Ling (the funny one), Harry as Chien-Po (the gentle one) and Steven as Yao (the feisty one). We don’t know what kind of chemistry to expect but would still love to see these three together.

Grandma Fa – Lucille Soong


Grandma Fa has spunk, isn’t afraid to speak her mind and has prefect comedic timing. Sounds just like Lucille Soong to us.

Emperor of China – James Hong


James Hong is one of the most famous Asian-American actors alive, but that’s not the only reason to cast him. Having played the voice of Chi Fu in the animated version, we think that Hong could easily step into the late Pat Morita’s role of the Emperor.

Special Mention: The Matchmaker – Margaret Cho


No words are needed. We will let the photo speak for itself.

Credits: Disney & Getty Images

Who do you want to be casted in the live action remake of Mulan? Let us know!

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