The Next 1D? Meet The New Generation Of Rising Boy Bands

13 Jul 2018 by Julia Yee

It seems like just yesterday that we had One Direction ruling the pop scene. Three years later, a new wave of boy bands is taking the world by storm. With their infectious tunes and heartthrob-worthy good looks, it’s only a matter of time before these up-and-coming acts take over the 1D-shaped void in everyone’s hearts.



Members (left to right): Zion Kuwonu, Edwin Honoret, Nick Mara, Brandon Arreaga, Austin Porter

An American-Canadian quintet brought together by Simon Cowell, the bulk of PRETTYMUCH’s appeal undeniably comes from their retro R&B swag – head-to-toe streetwear, Michael Jackson-esque moves and all. Steering away from manufactured pop hooks, their smooth Latin jams are what sets the band of brothers apart. And get this: these multi-talented dudes not only sing and dance, but are also an extremely artsy bunch – just take a look at their Instagram. Guess you could say they’re PRETTYMUCH the whole package!

Songs to listen to: ‘Summer on You’, ‘No More‘, ‘10,000 Hours’

Why Don’t We 


Members (left to right): Jonah Marais, Corbyn Besson, Zach Herron, Jack Avery, Daniel Seavey

From their pitch-perfect harmonies to their all-American charm, there’s nothing about Why Don’t We that doesn’t scream stan-worthy. Ditching over-the-top choreography, they opt for subtle displays of group dynamics such as the occasional synchronised dance moves. Sound-wise, the band’s groovy synth beats and inescapable hooks are sure to get you hooked on first listen. Just check out their official Spotify playlist for the perfect party mix!

Songs to listen to: ‘Talk’, ‘Hooked’, ‘Trust Fund Baby’

New Hope Club 


Members (left to right): George Smith, Blake Richardson, Reece Bibby

Donning vintage patterns and nostalgic jean jackets, the lads of New Hope Club fit right into a ’90s boys-next-door aesthetic. Their gorgeous sense of style, coupled with gentlemanly charms and energetic stage presence, is enough to rival even the most experienced of musicians. But they aren’t exactly your cookie-cutter boy band stereotype; unlike their all-vocalist counterparts, frontman Blake sings lead, accompanied by George on guitar and Reece on bass. Much like their mentors from The Vamps, the British trio straddles the line between a modern boy band and a 20th century rock outfit, paving the way for new kinds of all-boy acts.

Songs to listen to: ‘Medicine’, ‘Fixed’, ‘Perfume’

 In Real Life


Members (left to right): Sergio Calderon, Chance Perez, Drew Ramos, Michael Conor, Brady Tutton

In 2017, five hopefuls emerged as winners of the American reality music competition show Boy Band – going on to sign with Hollywood Records and building their fanbase, starting from YouTube. And considering the amount of hard work these boys put in to get to where they are today, In Real Life deserves all the recognition they could get. Despite coming from contrasting backgrounds, their differences only made their brotherly bond all the more endearing.

Songs to listen to: ‘Tattoo’, ‘Eyes Closed’, ‘How Badly’

Citizen Four


Members (left to right): Connor Boatman, Mikey Fusco, Carson Boatman, Austin Percario

Consisting of a former X Factor contestant, a dancer from America’s Best Dance Crew, and two brothers with a shared love of music, Citizen Four is a band chockfull of talent. Originating as a cover act on YouTube, the collective has since undergone several member swaps, but their diverse mix of characters is what keeps them going strong. Watch long enough, and you’ll begin to see how each of their signature traits complement the others perfectly: witty Austin, polished Mikey and dreamy Connor – all kept grounded by big brother Carson.

Songs to listen to: My Name (Say It)’, ‘Want You Back’, ‘Testify’

Which boy band has caught your eye? Show ’em some love in the comments below!

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