Remember when the Our Times craze practically swept the nation and all of Asia back in 2015? If you’re one of those who can’t get enough of the romance between Lin Chen Hsin and Hsu Tai Yu in the Taiwanese coming-of-age flick, here’s some good news: the Chinese media has recently confirmed that a sequel will be in the works! 

A nostalgic love story between a nerdy high school lass and the school’s resident troublemaker, Our Times (我的少女时代) went on to become a major box office hit, catapulting Taiwanese rising stars Vivian Sung and Darren Wang to instant fame. The film ended on a fairytale-esque note with the estranged lovers reuniting almost two decades later at an Andy Lau concert, but is it happy ever after for our favourite couple? Looks like we’ll find out soon enough.

Here’s what we know so far:

It will not be called Our Times 2.

Our Times Movie Poster

Due to copyright issues, it’s been reported that the highly-anticipated sequel will not be named Our Times 2 (我的少女时代2) – but instead taking on a totally different title. Which understandably caused many to be concerned about the series losing its original essence, considering how it’s already such a recognisable piece from the name alone. But we think fans have nothing much to worry about, as director Frankie Chen and screenwriter Tseng Yu Ting will once again be helming the production.

Will Vivian Sung and Darren Wang be in it?

Initial reports stated that Darren Wang will be making a comeback as Hsu Tai Yu, but we might have to burst your bubble right here: the Taiwanese actor has stepped out to clarify that although he has plans to work with Frankie Chen in the future, he will not be taking part in the upcoming production. And neither will Vivian Sung, who’s currently busy with other filming commitments.

Frankie Chen Darren Wang

What a blow for fans of the onscreen lovebirds, but guess that’s something else to look forward to as well. Besides, rumour has it that the female protagonist is quite the A-lister so we’re excited to see whether the new cast will be able to match up to the chemistry of our OG OTP. Even better, just imagine how epic it’d be if Joe Chen and Jerry Yan, who acted as the grown-up counterparts of Lin Chen Hsin and Hsu Tai Yu, reprised their roles? You never know!

Our Times Joe Chen Jerry Yan

When will it be released?

The series is reportedly still in the casting stage, with director Frankie Chen aiming to begin filming this summer. Based on the previous timeline, Our Times started filming in October 2014 and wrapped up in April 2015, before hitting the big screens two months later in June. There’s no definite release date for the sequel yet, but chances are it’s likely to make its debut sometime next year. Keep your eyes peeled!

Are you excited for the sequel? Meanwhile, hit us up with your dream casting suggestions in the comments below!

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