Interview: Pentagon Dishes On Dorm Life, Fights And Skinship

8 Oct 2019 by Chew Hui Ling

K-pop boy band Pentagon is no stranger to our shores. Just six months after their last appearance here for HallyuPopFest, the nine-member group will be back for their first full-length concert as part of their 2019 PRISM world tour this November – get ready to groove along to infectious tunes such as ‘Shine’, ‘Naughty Boy’ and their latest bop ‘Humph’.

Ahead of their show, we caught up with the boys for a short Q&A over email where we find out what can fans expect at the upcoming concert, resolutions for the new year and their… uhh, sweat-filled dorm shenanigans (all while casually roasting each other). Check out their hilarious answers below!

Hi Pentagon! Having performed at HallyuPopFest back in May, how does it feel to know you will be returning to Singapore for a full concert this November?

Jinho: It’s great to be back to one of the countries that I like so quickly. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve prepared, so please look forward to it!

From ‘Shine’ to ‘Humph!’, you guys have had plenty of hit songs since your debut. What’s your favourite track to perform out of all the songs in your discography?

Hui, Yeoone, Wooseok: We like ‘Shine’ the most because it’s the song that defined Pentagon’s style and made our colour more distinct.

Yuto: I like ‘Naughty Boy’. The concept, MV and choreography all suited each other.

Jinho: For me, it’s ‘To Universe’ because it really amplifies my emotions towards our Universe (what Pentagon fans are affectionately called).

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Tell us an incident/one thing a member did that made you go ‘Humph’.

Jinho: In the past, Yeoone’s feet used to smell bad because of the long practice hours. So when we went back to the dorm, I would let him take off his shoes last and run away before he did (laughs).

Hui: We would sweat a lot when we practice in the summer, so we would usually restrict one another from coming close.

Hongseok: Once, it was a really hot day and Kino came by to put his arm around mine. It was so hot that I nearly pushed him!

Shinwon: Hui hyung like skinship a lot so I restrict him from coming close.

Yeoone: Shinwon hyung is very mischievous so I restrict him from coming close.

Yuto: Wooseok likes to play pranks in the shower so I restrict him from coming close.

What’s the silliest thing you guys have ever fought about?

All: We’ve never fought before!

Shinwon: The most dumbfounded one would probably be when we were choosing what to eat and became sore at each other because our preferences didn’t match up.

As 2019 will soon draw to a close, what’s one goal you have for the upcoming year?

Jinho: Personally, I would like to try performing in a musical next year.

Hongseok: For our team to win #1 on music programmes.

Shinwon: Just another happy year for Pentagon and Universe!

Thanks to CK Star Entertainment for the interview opportunity!

Pentagon will be performing in Singapore on 2 November at The Star Theatre. Tickets are still available on www.apactix.com!

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