SCANDAL Rocked Singapore With First World Tour

21 May 2015 by Chew Hui Ling

It was one huge testosterone fest as all-girl rock quartet SCANDAL commanded an army of spellbound fans at their [HELLO WORLD] World Tour in Singapore on 8 May 2015. We’re often told that Japan stages some of the best concerts ever, so we headed down to The Coliseum @ Hard Rock Hotel expecting a head-bangin’ shindig filled with awesome live music. And that was exactly what we got.

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SCANDAL Hello World in Singapore

One thing we noticed right off the bat was how insanely in sync the crowd was. The second Rina’s drums rumbled to life, the crowd meshed together into one unified mosh pit. As if on cue, they knew exactly how and when to coordinate with each song without missing a beat. We kid you not – witnessing thousands of people rhythmically jumping, clapping and wolf-howling like a perfectly oiled machine, was surreally jaw-dropping, to say the least. In fact, everyone matched up so well that we had a hard time catching up… so err, pardon us for those awkwardly-timed bops. #WeTried

SCANDAL Hello World in Singapore

When it comes to playing live, SCANDAL – consisting of lead vocalist Haruno Ono, bassist Tomomi Ogawa, guitarist Mami Sasazaki, and drummer Rina Suzuki – proves that there’s no such thing as backing tracks or lip-syncing in their shows. If anything, they are more than capable of cranking up the instruments and flawlessly hitting the notes while at it. The spunky foursome shot through a 15-piece set list comprising mostly classics like ‘Harukaze’ and ‘Doll’ as well as new numbers like ‘Image’ and ‘Onegai Navigation’ for over two hours. Major props to ’em!

SCANDAL Hello World in Singapore

Despite the lack of intervals in between, they managed to squeeze in bits of chitter chatter, which we totally appreciate. Unfortunately, there was no translator on stage to help the poor girls out, so they just had to stick to some basic Japanese. Well, at least they delighted fans with their outrageously kawaii display of English, and even threw in one or two Singlish phrases into the mix. To think that they are the same feisty rockers a while ago…

SCANDAL Hello World in Singapore

Okay, so obviously SCANDAL wasn’t going to go all Katy Perry on us (have you read our Katy Perry concert review, btw?), but that doesn’t mean their concert was any less amazing. There wasn’t any elaborate set-ups or flamboyant costumes – all it took was just sheer stage presence and a few pulsating lights to get the crowd up and grooving. Such young yet solid acts are hard to come by, but we’re glad SCANDAL’s never afraid of pushing the envelope for their shows.

Photo credits: Kenneth Lim and SOZO

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