Score An Extragalactic Date With These Star Wars Pickup Lines!

4 May 2017 by Johanna Teo

Navigating the dating field may be as treacherous as negotiating a deal with Jabba the Hutt or podracing through the tricky terrain of Tatooine. Here to help you out this May 4th, we present 12 kickass Star Wars pickup lines that may just help you snag that perfect Star Wars fan date! May the Force be totally with you.  

#1 Will You Be My Date?

Main image: icloudpicture.com

We can’t think of anyone who’d say no to that super cute BB8! 

#2 You’re The Only One For Me


For when you need a grand declaration of sorts, throw in an Obi-pun to lighten the mood and ease your nerves. 

#3 Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places 


#4 ‘Cause You’re Delicious! 


Yoda don’t lie, delicious you are! 

#5 Fallen To The Dark Side


For the ones who resonate with the Dark side, this liner is the perfect way to express your affections without seeming too sappy. ‘Cause the Dark side’s too cool for cringe, duh. 

#6 More Falling, This Time From Cloud City


#7 Bobba Fett’s Going For The Gold


Follow up with: “And I’m here to claim it.” Gold material, right there!

#8 Less Than 12 parsecs 


Anyone who’s familiar with Star Wars and Han Solo’s legendary prowess will definitely be impressed. 

#9 Why So Sidious?


Yet another great way to declare your love without being too mushy, you could always follow up with a non-committal, “Hey, why so Sidious?” if you get rejected. 

#10 K2-SO Is Going Rogue


A reference from Rogue One, K2SO has fast become a fan favourite – all the better to score hearts with! 

#11 Create A Disturbance 


Qui-Gon Jinn was never the romantic sort, but there’s something hilarious about pairing the straitlaced Jedi Master with a cheesy pickup line. Wanna create a disturbance in the Force? We’ll leave it up to you. 

#12 I Am The Droid You’ve Been Looking For


There’s nothing like the iconic R2-D2 to further remind your beau that hey, you are indeed the one he/she’s been looking for. 

Main featured image: icloudpicture.com

Let us know how these Star Wars pickup lines worked out for you in the comment section below! In the meantime, Happy Star Wars day and May the Force be with you! 

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