Why Jaden Smith Quit Twitter

11 May 2015 by Arissa Ha

Jaden Smith deleted his Twitter and Facebook account, and made his Instagram private this week. There’s no official word on this yet but here are some reasons why we think this 16-year-old existential poet decided to ragequit Twitter. 

Why Jaden quit Twitter

Because the Instagram is just a massive black hole sucking up his time and energy. 

Why Jaden quit Twitter

He realised that his eyes aren’t real, so he can’t really tweet. 

 Why Jaden quit Twitter

He actually took his own advice and went off his phone to do what he actually wants to do…

Why Jaden quit Twitter

…which may have included showing pretty girls a good time (and he plans on being physically there this time).

Why Jaden quit Twitter

Or maybe he went to find out answers for the cupcake question we’ve all been asking ourselves. 

Image credit: mtv.com

What are other reasons you can think of that could’ve sparked off his social media #RageQuit? Comment below! 

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