Balmain X H&M Look Book & Price List

15 Oct 2015 by Venetia Sng

Are you ready for #HMBalmaination? The Balmain X H&M collection launch is less than 1 month away! We’ve got our shopping lists ready and we are all set to shop shop shop when the collection drops on 5th November at H&M Orchard Building and H&M ION Orchard. Prep yourself for some serious shopping with the full look book and price list here!

H&M-Balmain-Pricelist H&M-Balmain-PricelistH&M-Balmain-PricelistH&M-Balmain-PricelistH&M-Balmain-Pricelist-5H&M-Balmain-PricelistH&M-Balmain-PricelistH&M-Balmain-PricelistH&M-Balmain-PricelistH&M-Balmain-PricelistH&M-Balmain-PricelistH&M-Balmain-PricelistH&M-Balmain-PricelistH&M-Balmain-PricelistH&M-Balmain-PricelistH&M-Balmain-PricelistH&M-Balmain-PricelistH&M-Balmain-PricelistH&M-Balmain-PricelistH&M-Balmain-PricelistH&M-Balmain-PricelistH&M-Balmain-PricelistH&M-Balmain-PricelistH&M-Balmain-PricelistH&M-Balmain-PricelistH&M-Balmain-Pricelist

We’ve got our eyes on the sweaters, pouch, beanie, shoes and basically everything else! Just take all our money already! Anything you’re planning to get? Share with us by commenting below!

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