Your favourite treats are now available as adorable wearable accessories! From tutu kueh cuff links to bubble tea earrings, these intricately-made trinkets are definitely a must-have for the foodie in all of us.


Ang ku kueh, tutu kueh, rainbow kueh, peng kueh – you name it, we have it! Singapore kueh is not only a huge favourite among locals, it’s also one of the most popular delicacies to be made into miniature accessories – ranging from earrings to hair pins and even cufflinks!

SG ang ku kueh

Ang Ku Kueh Ear Studs, $24.90, The Independent Market
Ang Ku Kueh Bracelet, $18, Miniature Asian Chef

SG kueh tutu

Tutu Kueh Ear Studs, $24.90, The Independent Market ($24.90)
Tutu Kueh Cuff Links, $30 Miniature Asian Chef 

SG peng kueh

Peng Kueh Ear Studs, $24.90 The Independent Market ($24.90)
Peng Kueh Hair Pin, $10, Miniature Asian Chef ($10)

SG kueh lapis sagu

Kueh Lapis Sagu Ear Studs, $24.90, The Independent Market
Kueh Lapis Sagu Dangling Earrings, $22, Miniature Asian Chef 


These nostalgic sweet treats from our childhood will never get old. The familiar horn of our neighbourhood ice cream cart still makes our hearts race, and it’s no denying that we get a lil’ possessive when it comes to our favourite coloured ice gems.

SG sweet treats

Ice Gem Biscuit Ear Studs, $24.90, The Independent Market
Rainbow Bread Ice Cream Necklace, $60, AiClay

These pandan-inspired accessories are so remarkably true-to-life that we can almost smell the aromatic scent of pandan leaves, and feel the fluffy texture of our neighbourhood bakery’s pandan sponge cakes on the tip of our tongues!

SG pandan treats

Pandan Waffle Earrings, $14.80,
Pandan Sponge Cake Ear Studs, $22, Miniature Asian Chef


No longer do you have to be wary of the calories from these sinful Singaporean treats. Our all-time-favourite bak kwa and mao shan wang are now available in miniature forms to be worn stylishly on your ears, and the best part is: they are absolutely calorie-free!

SG sinful treats

Durian Earrings, $18.80,
Bak Kwa Ear Studs, $15, Gemnesis


When it comes to Singaporean food, we definitely can’t leave out the savoury mains. You can now match your outfit with hawker food-inspired accessories like chicken rice, satay and nasi lemak! For those who always can’t decide between roasted or steamed chicken rice, these mix-and-match chicken rice-inspired earrings may even help you to achieve the best of both worlds.

SG savoury mains

Roast/white Chicken Earrings, $89, from AiClay
Satay & Nasi Lemak Earrings, $42.80,


Of course, a wholesome local meal is not complete without some of our good ol’ signature coffeeshop drinks. Choose between the classic Kopi and Teh Bing, or opt for the Iced Bandung and Sugar Cane Juice for a more refreshing alternative to beat the Singapore heat!

SG teh kopi

Coffee in a Bag Earrings, $42.99, Siawlei on Etsy
Teh & Kopi Earrings, $16.80,

SG drinks

Bandung Drink Earrings, $16.80,
Sugar Cane Drink Earrings, $16.80,


These bubble-tea-inspired accessories are must-haves for every self-proclaimed boba fan! Apart from the staple milk tea with pearls, local accessories designer thepigbakesclay has also come up with boba earrings inspired by go-to bubble brand, KOI! They also come in different “flavours” such as matcha latte.

SG bbt

KOI Bubble Tea Ear Studs, from $32.90, thepigbakesclay
Bubble Boba Tea Earrings, $10.90, modellesingapore on Etsy


Snack time is now made even more exciting with these snacks-inspired accessories! These yummy dangles that feature best-selling favourites like our Pocky sticks and Oreo sandwich biscuits, are sure to add a pop of colour (and flavour) to your everyday looks.

SG snacks

Mini Pocky Earrings, $7.15, 4UEarrings on Etsy
Mini Oreo Earrings, $7.60, 4UEarrings on Etsy

SG snacks (1)

Nutella Earrings, $10.80, ($10.80)
White Rabbit Globe Necklace, $60, Miniature Asian Chef


If Samyang’s killer spicy instant noodles is too much for you, you can go for the safer, “non-spicy” option with 4uEarring’s Korean ramyun-inspired earrings. Or go back to the basics with Nissin’s cup noodle-inspired ear candies!

SG instant noodles

Mini Spicy Korean Noodles Earrings, $7.02, 4UEarrings on Etsy
Mini Cup Noodles Earrings, $17.20, beadspage on Etsy


Get your sushi fix with these delicious sushi-inspired knick-knacks! Be spoilt for choice with the variety of wearable sushis available, from fresh sashimi to sweet tamago and more. Better yet, one can easily afford this sushi selection without feeling the burn in your pockets. Win-win!

SG sushi

Sushi Ear Studs, $17.20, TheLittlePinkBox on Etsy
Salmon Sushi Ear Studs, $8.80,

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