Swimwear Guide for All Body Types

18 Jun 2015 by Juliette Lim

Ladies, summer is here and it is time to hit the waters! We give you tips on choosing the best swimwear for your body type. You’re welcome! 

Large Bust


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People in this category tend to be well-endowed on top so support is the key. 

Go for:

  • Suits with underwire with adjustable straps so as to provide room for extra support, the thicker the better
  • Halters or suits with high armpits and necklines
  • Suits that have the sizing of your regular bras


  • Ruffles or embellishments on tops to minimise focus on your chest area
  • Triangle tops or skimpy styles which lack the support you need

Small Bust


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Probably an A or B cup, you will not need any extra support. Instead, opt for swimwear that creates an illusion of a larger chest.

Go for:

  • Bikinis with minimal coverage i.e. triangle tops, bandeaus
  • Embellished details or bold prints to enhance focus on your chest
  • Padded or push up tops to give your bust a little cleavage – if you are feeling sexy


  • Tops with no support



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A toned and straighter figure with fewer curves, explore styles that will flaunt your frame and show off your toned lower half. 

Go for:

  • Tops and bottoms with prints, embellishments or ruffles to create a curvy illusion and add a feminine flair
  • Monokinis or cutouts one piece
  • Tie sides bikini bottoms


  • Bandeaus, boy shorts or shapeless tanks



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Most of your weight is concentrated in the middle so if you are a little tad conscious of it, you may want to keep a look out on suits that will help mask that.

Go for:

  • High-waisted bottoms or tankini to smooth out your middle. Good news, they are super trendy right now!
  • Swimwear with shirring details which not only hides the bulge perfectly but it also creates a waistline around your stomach


  • Tight fitting one piece
  • Skimpy bottoms

Curvy/ Hour glass


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People in this category tend to have wider hips, thighs, fuller bust and butt. To accentuate the shape of this body type, swimwear that highlight your curves while providing the right support and coverage you need are your best friends. 

Go for:

  • Small prints or solid colors
  • Underwire bikinis for support


  • Monokinis
  • String tops or bottoms that accentuates your widest areas       

Pear Shape


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A little similar to curvy, people with this body shape tend to have larger hips and thighs but smaller on top. To flaunt your figure in the best way possible, try to balance your proportions while getting sufficient coverage for your lower half. You may want to focus on accenting your top half instead. 

Go for:

  • Plunging neckline or bold prints
  • Asymmetrical suits
  • Colorblocking or retro suits


  • Printed bottoms
  • Boy shorts which direct attention to your thighs

Straight / Boy Shape


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Skinny throughout your body, you can either go skimpy or try to create the curves you wish you had. 

Go for:

  • Ruffles or padded tops and bottoms to give your bust and butt an extra lift
  • String bikini to flaunt your slim figure


  • Patterns that will emphasize your straight frame i.e. vertical stripes

What kind of swimwear would you be donning this summer? Let us know in the comments box below.

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