UNIQLO Launches A New Line Of Pokemon T-Shirts, Available In Singapore From 24 June!

23 May 2019 by Chew Hui Ling

It seems like the Pokemon frenzy is still going strong!

Thanks to the recent box office success of Detective Pikachu – which unknowingly ignited a renewed love for the furry yellow sleuth in Pokemon fans old and new – it’s of no surprise we’re getting news of merchandise drops every other day. Well, the inner Ash Ketchum wannabe in us certainly ain’t complaining, and if anything, this just gives us more reason to buy ’em all.

The latest name to join forces with the mega franchise is UNIQLO, who will be launching a new line of Pokemon-themed graphic tees featuring award-winning designs from its annual UT Grand Prix contest. Over 18,000 entries from fans all over the world were submitted, but only 22 shortlisted designs will make their debut on UNIQLO aisles.

Nabbing the top prize is China’s Li Wen Pei, who designed his Gyarados-inspired shirt using the “totem style” to portray its “evolution from weakness to mightiness”. However, he was later disqualified. Other notable designs include a Pikachu chilling under the tree (in this case, an Exeggutor), a Ditto in soda form, and Team Rocket trying to catch a Pikachu doll in a claw machine. How can you resist not getting these adorable tees?

Scroll through the gallery to check out some of our personal favourites!

The UNIQLO UT Grand Prix 2019 T-Shirts, retailing at $19.90 for men/women sizes and $14.90 for kid sizes, will be available at all UNIQLO stores and from 24 June 2019. 

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