14 Things Nobody Tells You About Being A Dancer

19 Nov 2018 by Teenage

Dance is not an easy art form – and non-dancers may not always understand the hard work put into perfecting a routine. In fact, the world of dance today is similar to that of an extreme sport where dancers are not just artists, but also athletes who have given time to cultivate through passion, sweat, tears and sometimes blood. To uncover more on what it is like to be a dancer in the local scene, we asked some of these bright, young dancers to share their thoughts with us.

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#1 No one is born as a dancer

People tend to think that the skills we have in dance come easy to us. It’s the same issue with people who assume that certain skillsets such as video editing and hosting are essentially easy, but they don’t see the amount of work and years that go into the final product.” – Gwendolyn, Street dancer, 25

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#2 Dancing is more than just a hobby

“Everything I have put in: the hours of training and hard sweat, the money I have spent and the emotions I have invested in my dance – everything pales in comparison to the reward of dancing and the joy that it brings.” – Aldrin, NYP Groove! 2018 finalist (ITE College East), 19

Source: NBC World of Dance

#3 Dancing is more than just following steps

“People do not know that feeling of gasping for air after an ‘all out’, and neither do they know the struggles of trying to produce the ‘wow’ moments in a choreography. Essentially, dancing requires our ability to control the amount of pressure we put into the steps, especially when it comes to executing the moves.” – Syafiq, NYP Groove! 2018 finalist (Tampines Secondary School alumnus), 17

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#4 It’s about telling a story through movement

“Imagine telling a story without using your voice; that’s exactly what dancing is. It’s telling stories through your movements, which again, is not something that is easy at all.” – Ashley, Theatre jazz dancer, 16

“I think dance in general has many different layers and aspects to it – be it the history, basic movements, facial expressions and even the story behind the choreography.” – Razis, Street dancer, 24

Source: NBC World of Dance

#5 Dancers are anything but arrogant

“I’ve heard from many people that they tend to feel intimidated by dancers and think that we’re arrogant just because we don’t smile at them after our piece. However, I hope people can understand that we too are enjoying the post-performance moments with our dance mates – and not because of the ‘we’re dancers and we’re good so we don’t feel like smiling to anyone’ mentality.” – Farhanah, NYP Groove! 2018 finalist (ITE College East), 19

Source: NBC World of Dance

#6 Criticism motivates dancers to become even better

“One of the challenges I encountered when I first got into dancing was receiving critiques from the people around me. But by taking feedback and channeling this into my training, I managed to overcome my weaknesses and I learnt a lot on how to become [a] better [dancer].” – Irzie, NYP Groove! 2018 finalist (ITE College Central), 19

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#7 Perseverance is the key to success

“It’s really demoralising when one gets stuck in a rut, and that’s when determination and discipline come into play. Without that, one will easily fall into the ‘I don’t think I’m cut out for this’ mindset and stop dancing completely, which is a common issue among dancers.” – Nic, Dance instructor, 30

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#8 Having an audience is really important

“No matter how exhausted we are from our practices, there’s no better feeling than performing in front of an audience – they serve as our powerhouse when we’re dancing on stage!” – Jessica, Anime cover dancer, 27

Source: The Maury Show

#9 Creating an impressive choreography is not easy

“The theme, the dancers who are performing with me, as well as the other competing teams will affect how I come up with the choreography. I have to take into consideration our dancing capabilities, while making sure that my choreography fits the overall theme.” – Jewel, NYP Groove! 2018 finalist (ITE College East), 17

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#10 There are plenty of trial and error moments

“We have to constantly produce something new. When it comes to the process of creating a choreography, [we have to] experiment countless times in order to come up with something that can capture the audience’s attention. It’s not easy, but if we want the best, we have to give our best.” – Nadia, NYP Groove! 2018  finalist (ITE College East), 21

“Just like a lot of things in life, it’s always a trial and error kind of process. In this case, we would voice out whatever ideas we have, then we try it out by picturing it in our heads before taking a vote to decide which idea we like best!” – Melinda, K-pop cover dancer, 19

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#11 As the saying goes, practice makes perfect

“For me, the ‘wow’ moment in my dance [routine] is achieved through long hours of experimentation. I would practice the same moves over and over again until it’s perfect, before adding them into my freestyle routine.” – Ray, Freestyle dancer, 19

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#12 Despite everything, dance is still an enjoyable experience

“Enjoying the stage is the most important thing. When you take part in dance competitions, it also allows you to make many new friends with the same interests.” – Dionne, Street dancer, 17

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#13 You will form a bond unlike any other

“I’ve spent most of my time with [my dance friends] during dance practice, and we’ve bonded so much that we’ll have heart-to-heart talks with one another – before, during, and after every session!” – Jewel, NYP Groove! 2018 finalist (ITE College East), 17

Source: NBC World of Dance

#14 At the end of the day, nothing beats striving towards the same goal as a crew

“The most memorable moment for a dancer is when each and every member in the team puts in their utmost effort to accomplish the same goal. We would also witness amazing growth in all the dancers after every competition. It made the sweat and tears we’ve accumulated during our practices all the more worth it.” – Nadia, NYP Groove! 2018 finalist (ITE College East), 21

“When the whole team decides to set their minds towards one common goal and strive towards it, that’s when you know you are no longer just fighting for your personal glory. You’re fighting for the person standing beside you, behind you, in front of you; for every single one in the team.” – Tina, Dance instructor, 34

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