Start a new chapter of your life with Teenage Chapters.

Welcome to Chapters. In this page-turning journal of human tales, we shine the spotlight on young trailblazers who are making an impact on the world in a myriad of ways – from two student entrepreneurs breathing new life to the local streetwear scene, to a YouTuber who creates ASMR videos to advocate for mental health. Then there are those who made us proud by putting our humble little red dot on the map through their artistic endeavours, and a group of K-pop hopefuls who never stopped chasing their dreams.

But what’s even more amazing about these people is that although all of them come from different walks of life, they still remain passionate about what they do. And that’s what Chapters is all about.

All the stories are nothing short of inspiring, but perhaps the most compelling one is our cover girl, Jasmine Sokko. With her mask on, the EDM princess is everything you expect her to be: professional, sharp and effortlessly cool. But take off her mask and you’ll realise she’s really just a dork at heart. There’s something about her unmasked persona that makes her seem a lot more down-to-earth – but we love her either way. Read all about her in our cover story and don’t forget to show our gal some love on @jasminesokko!

At the end of the day, we hope that these pieces will inspire you to create your own story – one chapter at a time. Every day is a fresh start for you and there are tons of amazing moments in life waiting to be experienced. Remember, the best is yet to come.

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