Teenage Gorgeous You! - What Happened So Far

16 Sep 2015 by Venetia Sng

The competition is coming to an end! Have you been following the contestants of Teenage Gorgeous You! The Social Challenge? Well if you haven’t, no frets, we’re here to sum up what happened over the past 3 weeks.

Challenge 1: First Impression


The contestants met for the first time and were given a scrumptious treat at Jack’s Cola Cafe! Being a social media influencer isn’t easy! Just look at the amount of effort they put in just to get a good shot of the food!

Challenge 2: My [email protected] Weekend List



Next up, they head down to [email protected] to give us their weekend recommendations on where to eat and where to shop!

Challenge 3: Because Nexcare


Though the contestants look flawless all the time, they do have acne problems (like us mortals) too! So it’s Nexcare to the rescue!

Challenge 4: Teenage Magazine is my…

The very last challenge is for them to tell us what Teenage Magazine means to them. Check out their super creative entries and let us know who’s your favourite!

Who will be our winner? Stay tuned to the finals happening this Friday by following us on Instagram @TeenageMagazine!

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