Music? Check. Choreography? Check. Makeup? Check. Preparing yourself for an upcoming audition can be a nerve-wrecking affair – but these talented dance crews who took part in the auditions for the NYP Groove! Street Dance Competition certainly seem to have the success formula down pat. Keep these tried-and-tested tips in mind so you can leave the audition room with a straight pass to the finals!

#1 Dress To Impress


Although there’s nothing wrong with donning plain ol’ sweats, showing up in your streetwear finest could very well impress the judges right off the bat. Besides helping you to stand out amongst your competitors, it also displays your impeccable teamwork as a group before you even execute a move. Just take it from K-East (right) and Academy of Nutz (left), who were basically the embodiment of peak squad goals with their perfectly-coordinated ensembles.

#2 Bring On The Swag


Each of the teams auditioning for NYP Groove! came prepared with different concepts and routines, but they all have one thing in common: a fierce attitude. As much as it’s important to perfect those dance moves, nothing commands more attention than being confident in your abilities. So werk that hip-hop swag and sashay away!

#3 Props Are A Plus


This is a tough one. While some judges may be against the use of props as it could be borderline distracting and end up hindering your performance, there are times when you have to be prepared to take risks in order to stand out. When done right, improvising with props add an element of surprise to your choreography and gives the judges something to look forward to during the finals.

#4 Add In A Drop Or Two


What’s a street dance competition without the mandatory death drop? Leave it to Marquise from the ITE category to deliver the gasp-worthy move in perfect formation, without missing a beat. And boy, did they ace it.

Of course, you don’t have to go all out with jaw-dropping stunts just to impress. It can be something as small as sneaking in a wink mid-choreography, an extra chest pop during the dance break, or a quick flip at the end – it’s all about the timing!

#5 Treat It As The Real Deal


Don’t just walk into the audition room with the mindset that you’re here to, well, audition. Shake off your nerves and perform as if you’re dancing in front of an audience. Even if you’re unsure of the steps, hold your head up high and refrain from looking to your choreographer for validation. Auditions allow judges to get a sense of what your true capabilities are, so be sure to give it your best shot. Get out there and own the stage!

Want to catch these talented dance crews in action? Show your support for your favourite finalists at the NYP Groove! Street Dance Competition finals happening on 12 January 2019 (Saturday), 1pm at the NYP Open House!

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