8 Millennial-Approved Things To Do At [email protected]

26 May 2017 by Bryan Yeong

For our Teenage Gorgeous You! 2017 challenge 4, we sent the finalists on a hunt for the hottest happenings and raddest stores at [email protected] – which quickly turned into a shopping spree for many of them. We check out how they recommend spending a day at the central hotspot.


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Like Vivien (@Veeeyeo), you don’t need no map or Dora to help you start navigating your adventure within [email protected] Kickstart your day downloading the mall’s very own mobile app, Tring 313, that meets all your shopping requirements. Besides including a store locator and directory, the free app also offers location-targeted alerts when you’re within radius of certain shops – which makes saving even more effective! In addition, why splurge extra when there are exclusive deals and coupons available? Simply search for an available coupon from your favourite merchant, purchase the deal, and redeem the physical voucher at the Concierge located at Basement 1. Shopping truly made easier!

The Tring 313 app is free to download from the Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. 


After some window shopping, put your fresh face forward by checking out the latest makeup looks and beauty products available at Etude House. Joyce (@jwanting) did just that and found discounted lipsticks amongst other squeal-worthy products!

Etude House is located at #B2-30.


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Ditch the pricey restaurants and make this sushi joint your lunch spot like Joanna (@flyflybirdie) did, with its wide selection of sushi and sashimi at wallet-friendly and cosy counter seats so you can gossip with your BFF over that burst of wasabi. Oishii!

Umi Sushi is located at #B3-41.

2:30pm – HOTWIND

It’s shopping time! For fashion-forward trends and threads, head to the newly-opened Hot Wind retail store hailing from Shanghai. Featuring unisex apparel and accessories designed from the region, you’re bound to have head-scratching decisions to make while choosing your next #OOTD. So is it left or right, Derrick (@Drrickjl)?

Hot Wind is located at #03-31 – 40.  

4:30pm – LIMITED EDT 


You’ve gotten your new set of clothes, but now what? A pair of shoes to complete the look of course! For sneakerheads, you’d be delighted to discover that [email protected] houses a total of five (!) Limited Edt stores within the mall, so you can find that perfect fit for your feet. Be it a new pair of sports shoes for your CCA, or fresh pastel-coloured kicks for weekend vibes, you’re likely to be heading home with a new box in tow. Just look at the brightly-lit array of shoes next to Don (@donnygao)!

Limited Edt Outlet – #02-25 – 27
Limited Edt Underground – #03-22
Limited Edt Vault – #04-13/14
Limited Edt Way – #04-31
Limited Edt Ballpark – #04-07 – 09


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Take a cue from Amin (@amynosaurus) and dig in to the delectable burgers at Wildfire Burgers for a super gratifying meal and make sure to give their award-winning and #InstaWorthy Blackmore 100% Fullblood Wagyu Beef Burger a try while you’re at it!

Widlfire Burgers is located at#01-28.

8pm – O’MA SPOON

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If you’re looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings after dinner, look no further than O’ma Spoon. Wind down your day with O’ma Spoon’s mouthwatering bingsus which will certainly cool you down from the ridiculous humidity. If you don’t believe us yet, we bet Maya’s (@mayatong) facial expressions above would change your mind.

O’ma Spoon is located at #04-20/32.


Spicy Korean noodles! Melon ice cream! Topokki! Some us certainly can’t live without our Korean goodies, so there’s every reason to follow Syahira’s (@shishikenobi) lead and check out Koryo Mart to get your homely K-fix, just before ending your day off on a truly sweet note. 

Koryo Mart is located at #B3-16.

What would you check out next at [email protected], and which is your favourite store? Tell us in the comments section below!

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