Last-Minute Mother’s Day Budget Gift Ideas

6 May 2015 by Venetia Sng

Still can’t figure out what to get your mum this Sunday even after reading our Mother’s Day Online Budget Guide? Then it’s time for some DIY, we share with you some awesome gifts you can Do-It-Yourself (or rope in your siblings) at home!

Homemade breakfast with flowers

Homemade Brunch

Credit: Williams Sonoma

If you can whip up a decent meal, try making her morning extra special with a homemade breakfast with flowers of course. Here are some simple breakfast recipes!

DIY a card

Happy Mothers Day Card DIY

Credit: HVD

This is a no brainer but mums do love receiving handmade stuff from their kids. Dig out whatever stationery and materials you have, make a card and write something heart warming. Check out some ideas for nice DIY cards here.

Personalised coupon book

Mothers Day Coupons

Credit: Mashable

We believe that mothers should be treated like queens everyday and not just on Mother’s Day. So make a personalised coupon book for her to utilise anytime of the year!

Make a body scrub

DIY Lavender Vanilla Scrub

Credit: Mashable

Harsh rays and sweltering temperatures can harm your mum’s delicate skin. If you can’t afford to get her to the spa, you can still gift your mum homemade body scrubs to pamper her skin a little. Click here for some DIY remedies.

Recreate old family photos

Recreated Childhood and Family Photograph

Credit: StylishEve

If your siblings have no idea on what to get, why not chip in and make a photo album containing recreated childhood and family photographs! We are very sure that everyone will enjoy and have a good laugh over it.

DIY gift basket from Daiso

DIY Gift Basket

Credit: HGTV

This is pretty much the last resort solution for us. Grab a nice looking basket or box and fill it with homeware, baking essentials, beauty products, stationery and whatever else you can find at Daiso. Of course get things that your mum will actually use, decorate it nicely and tadah a one-of-a-kind gift basket.

If you have any good DIY ideas, do share it with us by commenting below!

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