Star Wars Day - Easy Party Ideas

4 May 2015 by Venetia Sng

A not so long time ago, in a galaxy not that far away, partying was fun, but a party without a theme is as boring as General Grievous’ spit. It is Star Wars Day and so we scoured the web to find easy ways to incorporate the Star Wars theme into any party. Time to celebrate, Star Wars style!

Star-Wars-Day-Themed Party

Credit: hellomysweet

Carbonite Jelly

Best if you have a Han Solo figurine to spare.

Star Wars Party Carbonite Jelly

Credit: catchmyparty

Fighter Smores

All you need are hexagonal cookies and marshmallows!

Star Wars Party Fighter Smores

Credit: cleanandscentsible

Jabba the Pizza Hutt

Doesn’t have to be from Pizza Hut but you get our drift here.

Star Wars Party Jabba Hutt Pizza

Credit: prettyprovidence

Pocky Light Sabers

These are just pretzel sticks coated with coloured frostings but if you’re lazy just buy Pocky off the shelves.

Star Wars Party Light Saber Pocky

Credit: prettyprovidence

Padawan Popcorn

And in little cups too!

Star Wars Party Padawan Popcorn

Credit: catchmyparty

Princess Leia Chips

The chips has to be Lays, if not it wouldn’t be funny.

Star Wars Party Princess Leia Chips

Credit: catchmyparty

Wookie Cookies

Brown cookies + melted chocolate + white frostings and walah Wookie Cookies.

Star Wars Party Wookie Cookies

Credit: prettyprovidence

Yoda Soda

Mountain dew! Mmm thirsty I am.

Star Wars Party Yoda Soda

Credit: catchmyparty

Use Figurines for Deco

If they are already on display in the house, might as well right?

Star-Wars Party Darth Vadar Deco

Credit: prettyprovidence

Death Star Lanterns

You don’t need to be an art genius to make this. All you need is grey lanterns, grey paper and black duct tape.

Star-Wars Party Death Star Lantern

Credit: prettyprovidence

Pool Noodle Light Sabers

Great for kids (and maybe adults too)! *vvvmmmm vvmmm kschhhhh*

Star Wars Party Light Sabar Pool Noodle

Credit: prettyprovidence

Have any other ideas for a Star Wars themed party? Share it with us! May the Fourth be with you.

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