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7 May 2015 by Teenage

In case you’re out of ideas on what you can do this weekend, the Teenage team shares what’s on their weekend list this week! 




ZARA’s Orchard ION store got a facelift! Although there wasn’t an expansion of store space, the new layout and fixtures made the revamped ZARA ION Orchard store look more spacious. It’s also much easier to look for specific products now that they are categorised according to the look and feel of each collection. 

ZARA Orchard ION is located at 2 Orchard Turn, #B2-03 ION Orchard, Singapore 238801

TRY: philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar

philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar

The cult favourite from philosophy gets a new formula! The Renewed Hope In A Jar ($62) has three different AHAs (mandelic, glycolic and citric acid) to penetrate different layers of the skin for a gentle, yet effective exfoliation. Coupled with the three forms of hyaluronates, skin is hydrated instantly and stays moisturised for a longer period of time. 

VISIT: Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay Tulipmania

I was at the Marina Bay Sand’s infinity pool a few weeks back and it dawned on me that I’ve never visited the Gardens by the Bay. It’s the last week of Tulipmania at the Flower Dome and there are over 40 varieties of tulips on display. If you want to catch these pretty flower up close, it’s your last chance!  

More information at Gardens by the Bay.


EAT: High Tea at Miam Miam

Miam Miam High Tea

Planning to celebrate Mother’s Day out? I would definitely recommend heading down to Miam Miam if you have a craving for high tea. Usually only available on weekdays, it’s available and at 30% off this weekend! You get savoury and sweet treats plus 2 beverages from the coffee/tea menu. Pamper your mum, tai tai style!

High tea for 2 is $18.80 (UP$26.90)
Available from 8th to 10th May, 2.30 to 5.30pm

DO: Stargazing at The Observatory

Stargazing The Observatory Singapore

Credit: Going Places Singapore

Our little red dot is located right next to the Equator and that allows us to view constellations in both northern and southern celestial hemispheres! Not a lot of countries have that bragging right. For the month of May, you can spot Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. So give the Science Centre’s Observatory a visit this weekend and gaze at the stars. Psst.. it’s free!

7.50pm – 10.00pm every Friday
More details at Science Centre.

PLAY: Bubble Bump

Bubble Bump Singapore

Gather your friends and get Bubble Bumped together – think soccer with lots of laughter! They provide you with everything, including the inflated bubble suits, facilitators and game equipments. All you need to bring is yourself! Additional services include someone taking photos for you while you play and they will be uploaded onto their Facebook page for free. Time to de-stress and bump away!

Starting from $15/person/hour, student rates are available
Make your booking at their website.


COOK: A nice Mother’s Day steamboat 

steamboat ingredients and soup

Credit: Melissathegreat

Speaking as ‘The Queen of Processed Food’ (not self-titled BTW), a steamboat is the best (and fastest) way to whip up a customised semi-healthy yet tasty meal. And it’s perfect for a sit-down family meal! There are tons of steamboat broth recipes, but I recommend getting chicken stock broth from the supermarkets and just mixing it with boiling water. Other than that, it’s pretty simple – just grab your favourite ingredients (prawns, meat, fish, eggs, golden mushrooms etc.) and add ’em into the ready broth during your meal. Inexpensive yet delicious. 

BUY: BIGBANG [MADE] Concert tour tickets 


Credit: ONE Production

In case you don’t already know, BIGBANG 2015 WORLD TOUR [MADE] IN SINGAPORE ticket sales are opening this Saturday (9 May) at 10am! Of course, I’m gonna be one of the VIPs camping for tickets which will definitely be sold out in minutes. Friendly tips for the first-timers:

1) Register an account on way before the start time, and make sure you’re logged in properly.


Credit: ONE Production

2) Know which tickets you’re going for, because there’s not gonna be time for you to choose slowly. Also prepare your payment details, because it’ll suck if you got good seats but your session timed out because you didn’t have your deets ready.

3) Make sure you have good internet connection. It’ll be helpful if you have VIP friends camping for tickets as well – different internet connections plus more computers means better chances of connecting to the site to choose tickets. Also, don’t keep refreshing the page if it loads slowly, because you might’ve gotten in but still need time to load. Refreshing it breaks the connection entirely.

4) When you’ve successfully gotten to the booking webpage and selected your preferred seats, there’s a high chance that those seats are unavailable and the site would’ve automatically offered you other choices. If those are unacceptable to you, choose to either try for other seats while keeping the previous, try for others while releasing your previous choice, or to release those seats entirely. Keep in mind that there’ll be other people releasing their seats by the second, so you can keep trying for new positions. 

May the ticketing battle ever be in your favour. 


LISTEN: In The Mood Of Love – Bangtan Boys

Bangtan Boys BTS In The Mood Of Love I Need U

The past week’s been a lil’ crazy with BIGBANG’s grand return, but let’s not forget about the other awesome comebacks yeah? BTS just dropped their third album In The Mood Of Love and this might just be their most mature and diverse record to date. They’re still the rebellious boys we all love, but with a hidden side of vulnerability on melancholic tracks like ‘I Need U’, ‘Moving On’ and ‘Love Is Not Over’. BTW, they’ll be releasing a 19+ MV of ‘I Need U’ soon, so er, good luck with that ARMYs!

VISIT: Dreams and Confetti

Dreams and Confetti

A lot of my friends are throwing 21st birthday parties, so the opening of Dreams and Confetti at Great World City couldn’t have come at a better timing. This retail concept store offers cake stands, partyware, decorations and baking essentials that would be perfect for a super sweet celebration. If you’re planning to stock up on party supplies, consider making a trip down to this whimsical boutique.

Dreams and Confetti is located at Great World City, #02-20C/D, Singapore 237994.

DIY: Love Notes

 DIY Wooden Pegs Love Notes Polaroids Mother's Day

Credit: Sausage Jar

It’s totally fine to splurge on a lavish bouquet or treat mum to a nice meal this Mother’s Day, but I think she’d appreciate a sweet thought just as much as any materialistic gift. Here’s a simple DIY – station a couple of wooden pegs around the house and clip up cute mushy notes or family polaroids, and wait for her to wake up to the surprise. It’s a small gesture, but she’ll love you more for it.

What’s on your list this week? Let us know in the comment box below! 

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