From food-inspired accessories to handcrafted candles, we round up some of our nation’s most unique independent businesses to shop at. What better way to support local than to buy local?

Pew Pew Patches

Pew Pew patches

There’s an easy way to dress up your wardrobe without having to overhaul it. Pew Pew Patches create unique iron-on patches that you can attach to any article of clothing with ease, be it T-shirts, jeans, caps and even bags. Their vision? To allow millennials to inject their personality into mass-produced fashion found on the racks. Each design, which runs the range from animals to food, is created in small batches to ensure a certain level of exclusivity. They also run collaborations with other artists, turning culture into art – one patch at a time.



One of her Instagram captions reads: “Inspiration starts with the things you love.” And for Cheryl Tan, the owner of Beadsbadwolf, she draws inspiration for her craft from her family. Her love for crafting can be traced back to her Peranakan roots, evident in her designs that are often stitched with her loved ones in mind. Her designs include portraits of her family, places she has visited, and a very adorable Merlion. Interested in picking up the craft? She also holds embroidery workshops for those who want to put a needle and thread to their memories.

Hush Candle

Hush Candles

For the founders of Hush Candle, they wanted to create a range that’s fragrant yet affordable for the masses. This organic brand uses therapeutic-grade essential oils and natural soy wax for a cleaner burn – each hand-poured in small batches to guarantee optimal quality. They can even double up as moisturiser or massage oil!



Singapore has one of the highest myopia rates in the world – and chances are, most of us would be reading this through the help of spectacles. But to get a good and affordable pair of specs is a challenge, and brothers Silas and Shamus Hwang wanted to change that. Together, the sibling duo revamped their family’s optical business to create O+, a minimalist eyewear brand that merges clean, functional design with wallet-friendly prices.


Klay SG

They say to wear your heart on your sleeves, but the designers behind Klay makes it possible to wear them on your ears – through their local food-inspired accessories. There is no better way to profess your love for our hawker culture: they’ve got intricate, miniature versions of your favourite Hokkien mee, satay, chwee kueh, nasi lemak, sugar cane drink… and the list goes on. They even have seasonal designs to suit every appetite, from mao shan wangs for the current durian season, to CNY snacks for the festive period. Even the pickiest of eaters will find it hard to resist these delicious charms!

The Jolly Maker

The Jolly Makers

The beauty of nature comes in full bloom with The Jolly Maker. Her line of nature-inspired accessories brings out the very best of the outdoors – with flowers, plants and animals to complement your sense of adventure. Each piece comes handcrafted with real plants and fruits, and designs are made in batches so no one piece is exactly identical.



Storing unfinished food can also result in excessive usage of plastic, in the form of food wraps. Those who are looking to live life more sustainably can opt for beeswax food wraps instead, which is an eco-friendly alternative. These reusable wraps are made of fabric and coated with a beeswax mixture to make it breathable, yet water- resistant. For Minimakers, these wraps often come in beautiful prints (bonus!) and can be used for over 12 months. The slightly adhesive nature of the wax also helps it cling to the food container too.

Berrylicious Slime

Berrylicious Slime

There’s a place for slime outside of Halloween. Berrylicious Slime, run by 16-year-old Hannah Tan, creates cute, vibrant versions of the trendy goo through social media and consignment locker stores. And they’re more than just your average slimes – the ones created by Hannah often come with added glitter, colouring and foam beads. One of her most recent creations, inspired by the brown sugar pearl milk tea, is a realistic rendition with brown and white swirls of slime complete with beads of pearls. Most of her popular slimes are food-inspired, like the milo-scented Milo Dinosaur and Ham & Cheese.

This article was adapted from our latest issue of Teenage Chapters 2019, out on newsstands now.

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